FYF FEST 2014 Vlog : Against me!



Kosha Dillz treated hiself and went to the FYF Fest the other week for his birthday. In his trip ,  he hung out with friends, roamed around the festival tryin to kiss Serbian girls, seeing if he was attracted to the lead singer of Against Me! (he became a girl) Watching Run THe Jewels, vibing to Haim…

it was awesome.

Also he met someone who’s girlfriend had Suge Knight’s Blood on her face the previous night. Craziest part was her boyfriend is in Dillinger Escape Plan.

He also made a song called “60 Bands” which you can download for free on my sound cloud . It’s produced by Friendships from Australia,
and it’ shouts out all 60 bands from the festival.

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/koshadillz/60-…

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