Nixon dropped the first action sport smartwatch ( Mission ) Fall 16′.  We are all thinking what another smartwatch? Let me tell is way better  than any other smartwatch out there.  The features on the Mission are: Personalize your dial, Custom Case Backs, real-time surf and snow shred alerts powered by Surfline and Snocountry, the highest waterproof rating ( 10 ATM ) of any smartwatch on the market, MicLock lets you take all its Android & Iphone capabilities in the water with you, & the most important feature is: Gorilla Glass built to resist shredding the streets & those drunk’n nights in a bar.   

Onething, if you have a one night stand mobile app on your phone, please turn off your alert on your phone. You don’t want to be on date and you get alert on your Mission. Trust me!!!! –

Dwindle Dist:

This is one of my favorite board series that Almost dropped. It brings back memories of me waking when I was 5yrs old at 5am, making a huge bowl of coco puffs, and getting stoke to watch my favorite hanna-barbera   cartoons until 10am. Life was so much easier than, lol.   If your a collector this is a series to grab and throw up on your wall and if you’re just a shredder, Almost decks are one on top of line to shred. –

With so many bearings companies out there, we all have our favorite ones. Bones Swiss & Bronson dominating the bearing world. There is one company that is sneaking up in the bearing world “Andale Bearings”. Yes, with a roster from Daewon Song to Rodrigo Peterson that’s a roster with WOW.  We got a chance to shred a set and let me tell you, Bones & Bronson you better watch out. –

Everything goes through changes in their life & that’s what Blind Skateboard did.  Going from a Jason Lee & young Guy roster, Ronnie Creager being the longest rider on the roster, and those awful Grim Reapers graphics. Blind has built now a solid team with Cody MCe, Kevin Romar, &  turning Micky Papa pro. & they got rid of those awful Grim Reaper graphics and back to the 1990 style Blind graphics. Blind is on a huge rise!!!! –


Spitfire is dropping some quality wheels from formula fours to your basic Spitfire wheels. They have everything for your shredding needs.  As we all know it’s between Spitfire & Bones, Which side are you? –

Immortale Laces

Finally there is laces that will last 4-5 times longer than regular shoelaces with metal aglets ( at the end of laces ) for a uniquely stronger sk8 lace. Immortale Laces are made right here in California and no worries about them being made other countries.  If your tired of breaking your laces or cannot find that perfect shoe lace belt, Immortale Laces is what you need –

Happy Hour Shades:

What a best name for a company “Happy Hour Shades”.  With that name you got have some of the best products for your pleasure & yes they do.  The quality on these glasses are: UV 400, Impact Resistant Lens and  inner polycarbonate frame. Your thinking damn, these sound expensive, you’re wrong. These G2’s / Emerica x Herm are only 14.99, you can look styling in a bar and still have enough money for Happy Hour –

Arcade Belt:

Have you ever try to shred with a belt and the buckle was annoying. Arcade Belts made adventure belts,  where you can go from hiking to surfing, skateboarding to snowboarding, its stretch comfort, low profile design and high-grade weather-proof materials that will change the way we think about belts. That sounds amazing, good bye buckle belts, hello Arcade Belts. –

Brooklyn Cloth:

There is a small brand coming out of NYC called “Brooklyn Cloth”. The brand draws inspiration from the surf & skate scenes from the East & West Coast. Their garments are designed for that laid-back  look but a  distinguished individual who roams the streets of Big Cities.  Let’s say you’re surfing in Queens, then you decide to catch the train back to Manhattan to shred Les Park before the sunset. –