What got you into skateboarding?

When I first moved to Texas I was 15, I became friends with an old friend named Chris Moss, he showed me how to skate and since then I have been addicted to skateboarding.

What was it like skateboarding in your hometown?

The skate scene here in our county is low, but farther up north towards Houston area etc. the skateboarding scene is increasing every year. Clute TX, has many good local spots you just have to know where to look, it is not like these big cities you go to where there are spots everywhere. Nevertheless, it is nice and chill here also the kids that do skateboard locally are rad and good shredders if you ask me.

Do you see skateboarding rising or stuck in Texas? Why?

Skateboarding in Texas is definitely rising, the local economy has been rising in our area so we have been seeing many “out of towners” in our area, thus bringing in more people who skateboard. I don’t see skateboarding becoming stuck within the next few years, Shout out to Big O and Southside Skate park in Houston TX, Big O and his team throw some pretty rad events which also pulls in more skaters from my area and all parts of Texas.

What made you decide to start your own skateboard brand?

Due to the low skate scene here in our area, the closest skate shop we really had was Zumiez in the Houston area. When you are low on funds and parents or friends won’t give you a ride to the skate shop, well you’re stuck and not skating for a few days or maybe eventually stop skating cause of the lack of resources. I started my own brand to help the local skate scene rise, support the local kids, and help get them noticed. I remember the feeling when I was younger, of being part of a skate team or being represented as part of the skate crew, it was a great and accomplished feeling. That is why I liking doing what I love with my brand.

Where did you come up with the name “Neway SB”?

Seth Talbott and I both came up with the concept of NewaySB
Neway- for a New Way of skating, innovative ideas and new faces to local skating
SB- short for skateboarding “obviously” but it was fun coming up with random names.

Is it hard to find loyal riders that will represent your brand?

Oh, God yes, nowadays everyone just wants free stuff. Some kids do not understand the meaning of hard work. Not only that but it’s hard to get them to keep skating. It is like once the sponsorship kicks in the hard work does not apply anymore. If you know or see any good and dedicated riders, shoot them my way hahaha.

What makes your brand different from the 100 thousand brands out there

Nothing but the name. The way I see my board brand is, not by the name brand like other skate companies push, but the quality in the product itself. I put time and effort and a little bit of “TLC” in hand printing my own board brand and custom T-shirts. Quality is the difference in my brand.

What is shops reaction when you tell them about brand?

Local shops are always down to rep local, some more than others. They see my brand, they like the idea of self-hand printing our logos, not only that but thanks to True Skateboard Mag we have a good internet presence, this also helps promote our brands.

What is the future of Neway Skateboard?

I am looking into getting some Dad hats in the shop, also working on a brand new limited time custom Neway Fan Graphic. I have many projects underway but I also want to take my time with my company. So if you know someone who wants an affordable board, pass them my way!

In 10 words, what do you want to tell the skateboard community?

“Never stop skating, strive for excellence and support your local skate company” – TEZ