How long have you been Skateboarding?

I’ve been skating for probably a full decade now. It seems super surreal.. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, right? 


What have you been working on lately?

I’ve been filming for my homie Chris Barber’s new video “INDIVISUAL.” It’s a local video of some of the most talented and gnarliest dudes here in Kansas City! I’ve just been chillin’ a little bit after an injury right now though. I tore my ACL and have some other cartilage damage in my knee so I’m working with my doctor to see what we can do to get me back on board!


Were you able to film everything you wanted to for the video?


I definitely wasn’t able to film as much as I wanted to. With having an adult job and my knee messing with me it’s hard to find the time to link up and film. If we can find a way to keep me skating for a few more weeks I would like to get about 5 more clips. All the other dudes have been filming for this video for about 4 years, so it’s definitely a challenge for me to put out something on that level in 6-8 months.

What do you prefer, street or skate parks? Why?


Skating in the street is super fun. I love the culture of new cities and just hanging with the homies. However, I have a lot more fun skating transition than I do skating in the streets. I think that flowing around and creating new lines that never seem to end is the best feeling ever. For me personally I just have more fun whipping around a pool than I would trying some tech ledge trick or a manual trick over and over again. 


Do you have any upcoming trips in mind after this injury heals?


Yea, hopefully we can finally get this knee thing figured out and get me back to 100%. I’m looking at trying to skate Colorado this year, I’ve never been out there but all the skateparks look amazing. I’m also trying to cross some water and get over to Hawaii and hopefully Australia by the end of this year. Every time I see footage from either of those places I’m like in awe of the culture, the vibe, and the parks they have look like a ton of fun.

What is your favorite pool/bowl to skate?

My favorite place to skate is definitely Springfield Skatepark! They have it all to skate. There is a perfect indoor wooden bowl, a massive cement flow bowl outside, and also a perfect pool to skate. The best part about that place are the people though! Every time I go there everybody is ripping and just having fun skateboarding. That stuff gets me more hyped than anything else.


What is your favorite skate-video\skate-part? Why?


Haha! Man this is always such a hard question because everybody is putting out the gnarliest footage every day, it seems like. I still watch Volcom’s “Holy Stokes!” video probably once a week. Actually, I think I still watch “Let’s Live” pretty often too. Those dudes are next level and the cinematography is almost incomparable to anything else out there. I can’t even pick a favorite part… The entire Holy Stokes! video is too good, from the beginning to the end.

Who is your favorite skater and why?


Man, these questions are way harder than I thought they would be! It’s super hard to pick just one dude. I love watching Grant Taylor’s style. Pedro Barros is fun to watch because he is just straight hype and powerhouse. I also get hyped on the tech tranny dudes like Brad McClain and Daniel Vargas. 


What kind of music do you like to hear when you skate? 

I think for me it depends on the vibe. I’m pretty chill with about any music as long as it can keep the session going and the vibes positive!


Anything else you’d like to add?


Just a huge thank you to Jesus for blessing me with opportunities, friends, and the best family/support system. Thank you True Skateboard Mag for this opportunity. Thank you to Varsity Shades for helping with the interview, the photos, and the edit. Hopefully this will stoke out at least one person to get outside and skate!  – BS