Dylan Bosch


Dylan Bosch



 Name and where you from?

Dylan, 9 years old from Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Years skating?

4 Years


Who are your sponsors?

Zoo York, Globe, Darkstar, Bones


How did you come to these sponsors?

My uncle was sponsored by Zoo York and when they saw me skating, they wanted me too And the other sponsors saw me at competitions


What’s your set up consist of?

7.5 Zoo York Board,  Thunder Trucks, Darkstar Wheels and Bones Bearings!


How did u get into skateboarding?

My uncle is a skateboarder and so I started to skate also.


Who is your favorite skater?


Nassim Guammaz, Pierce and Chris Brunner, Tom Schaar, Mitchie Brusco


Favorite spot to skate?

I was once at Camp Woodward, that’s the best place ever!


Best thing about skateboarding?

I do it for fun, it’s cool when you learn a new trick And girls loves skateboarders!



What were the best trips you went on, thanks to skateboarding?

As I said earlier, I went to Camp Woodward this place is even better than Disney Land! And I’ve been several times in America on tour with my sponsors to film new footage and to participate in competitions.


What are your best results?

1sth place on a Woodward Contest and 1sth place at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour


Worst trend in skateboarding?

Someone can find something a worst trend in skateboarding, but another can find this a cool trend. I just think that everyone should do where they feel comfortable with.


Any good skate stories?

Bones and Globe recorded a cool video from me and a other skater in a warehouse where the guard came after us because it was forbidden to skate there. It’s a funny video, i had fun and the other skater become a good friend!


Whats your goto trick at any spot?

360, this is my favo trick


A Perfect day, what would it be?

A Day in the holiday! So I do not have to go to school and can stay up late! So I can play with my brother outside, hang out with my friends and can skate whenever I want.


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

I just want to say that my brother and uncle are the coolest people in the world! – B.Hess


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