Dwindle Dist. carry brands of “Enjoi, Almost, Blind, Tensor, Andale Bearings, Cliche, Zero & Darkstar” & we got a chance to check out some of their new product for Spring 16′.

Andale Bearings: is some of the best bearings right now in the industry, their team is built solid by some legends, & Prod & Daewon just dropped their signature bearings

Enjoi, Almost, Blind, Cliche, Zero, & Darkstar: Put the best technology “Resin-7 & Impact Support” in their boards cause their boards last longer than any other boards out-there. Each brand some really good series for you this spring.

Tensor: Yes, we all know tht Indy claims the best & strongest trucks in skateboarding. I bet you didn’t know this, Tensor is the ligthest trucks in skateboarding.

Head to your local skate shop to grab the new spring 16′ product from Dwindle Dist. – dwindle.com