Drew McKenzie





When u start skateboarding and What got u into doing it ?


I started skateboarding originally by having my dad tow me behind his bike on an old green and pink NASH skateboard that I had found. Growing up, my friends in South Carolina kept me stoked. Now I skate here in the City as frequently as possible.



What was the video that got you hyped and you had to watch it before each shesh.


PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horible Life.   The kid at the skate shop told me it would change my life, and it did.  Our upcoming video, Stuntin, will be pretty rad too, though.



Whats your shred stick consist of ?


Right now I am riding a Corpse Corps Boards coffin shaped deck (9.25 x 31.5”) with some Indy’s, Spitfire Classics, and Red Bones.



Drew 5



Whats the craziest encounter while out skating ?


Becoming tight with the Sk8land crew in Madrid and getting to skate and travel with them to the DC Training Facility. Positive dudes! 4 down 4 life. I’m thankful every time I meet skateboarders without egos.



Who or what team are you hyped on ?


The Welcome Skateboard gang seems to know how to keep skateboarding fun.



Whats your ideal skate trip and who would u want on the trip?


I really want to do a skate tour involving camping and concrete parks in the North West. Just a van full of my close friends, a bunch of skateboards, spray paint, fireworks,  beers and Dan Drehobl.



Drew 2



Whats your go to trick that determines how the shesh goes?


Always the first kickflip of the day.



Hubba girls or hooters girls?


Tattooed ones.



What’s the worst about skateboarding?





Drew 9



Any shout outs or hate outs?


Shout out to the rest of the team and contributing artists at Corpse Corps Boards and Bone Crusher Zine, Jordan Walczak for shooting these photos, Radlands Clothing and Only NY for keeping me fresh, Maternal in Indonesia for being so metal, Surf Rodz for these crazy cruiser trucks they just sent me, and all the skater-run skateboard shops that support small companies, local scenes, and their skate community.

Hate out to longboarders, the Man, mall grabbers, shocka bros, colored jeans, mongo, camel packs, bodega coffee, laundry, bikes on sidewalks, farmer’s tans, and trying too hard –  B.Hess



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  1. Islander
    Islander says:

    You so cool.
    Drew knows the skate scene. Just wish you had asked him about skate spot faves in NYC.
    Corpse Corps Boards rule.


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