In sunny Downtown Long Beach, Dew Tour 2016 made LB home for 3 dys.  The course was split up in 4 ways ( Tech, Bowl, Rail & Gap ), the top skater from each 3 courses ( Tech, Bowl, & Rail ) got to shred the final course ( Gap ).  With a heat wave in Long Beach, it didn’t slow down any skateboarder from shredding their way to the finals.   When it got to the finals the 6 skateboards where worn out from the heat wave but they still had a little energy left to throw down sick ass tricks in the finals to win the Dew Tour Cup. Ryan Sheckler came out on top by blowing everyone away  in all four courses.

Next day, it wasn’t as hot as yesterday, there was a little breeze from the ocean.  This was the day, that everyone was waiting on, Team competition .  You had 9 teams ( Plan B, Toy Machine, Baker, Flip, Element, Enjoi, Blind, Real, & Birdhouse ) and each team picked their top 4 skaters. On each courses ( Tech, Bowl, Rail & Gap ) the teams had one rider for  section.  Man, there was serious skateboarding going down, the riders from each team would step it up if other was killing it.  There was only team that was crowned the champion of Dew Tour 2016 & that was the “Blind” team.