Danny Horbatiuk





When did you start skateboarding and what got you into it?

My brother Chris, I looked up to him an wanted to do what he did. Chris taught me the basics and  I was hooked. Some great memories there, golden days



What was the video that got you hyped an you had to watch it before you skate

Modus Operandi, C hocolate tour 99, The Reason One Step Beyond  and  Yeah Right



What’s your shred stick consist of? answer?

7.75 Lockdown,  Paradox Grip, Black Venture, Bones bearings and  Spitfire Wheels



What’s your craziest encounter outside of skateboarding

Mark Gonzalez sighting at the Brooklyn banks and the session I had with him. Skating back from the projects I ran into Fat Ralphie from the Andy Milonakous Show at an alley in the project buildings, he bummed a dollar off me for Mcdonald  I  guess MTV did him dirty




Who or What teams are you hyped on?

I’m psyched on the Originators of Skateboarding that stay true to their roots an do it for the right reasons, I’m hyped on Danny Montoya,  Sean Sheffey,  Mark Suciu, Austyn Gillete,  Jake Johnson,  Willy Santos,  Jason Dill, Bobby Puleo,  Gino Ianucci,  Dan Drehobl,  Ghuru Khalsa,  Rob Welsh,  Geoff Rowley,  Arto Saari,  Brian Wenning and Sean Walis




What’s your ideal skate trip and who would u want to go with

I go every week its New York. If I had to choose another destination , Oregon/Japan with the Brentwood locals, the parks in Oregon and spots in Japan that would be legit



What’s your go to trick?

Nollie Front Tailslide



Hubba girls or Hooter girls?

I’m not a fan of colored wheels but I am a fan of beer and breasts for sure.  So, I’m going with Hooters 



What’s the best things about skateboarding?

Laughs with your friends cruising around search of new spots, new skateparks,  traveling,  New York City, random run ins with bums / crackheads,  the freedom of expression and setting yourself apart from everyone else.  It’s an escape from reality skateboarding taught me how look at life differently and it makes you much  more appreciative then the regular person.  I can’t explain it it’s a wonderful feeling , its therapeutic in a way and keeps me mentally stable


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What’s the worst thing about skateboarding?

The cool guy image for example: Neff  headwear,  ccs,  Colored Wheels,  Lizard King people who do it for the wrong reasons,  Lil Wayne,  Zumiez,  Real SkateShops Struggling to stay open,  internet bad vibes people who get pissed when they skate repetitive tricks in same video parts ,  people who are out there just faking the funk unoriginal generic styles of skating, and filming at the same spots 



Any shout or hate outs

Chaney for finding me Rich , for the support a place to stay an help in everything, Brian Wenning for the support an help as well and for putting up with Richie, Banks Bafoonery ,  Ryan Flores, Richie Banks,  Sean Walis, Dielon Drew,  Tom Farrel,  Daniel Mcdaniels,  Brentwood Homies,  Bethpage Homies,  OG Tanner Homies,  Sauce Homies,  Scotty Rox,  Lou Feis,  Nick Reily,  Nick Della Homies who skated back in the day with DPA Belmont Factories,  my family,  brothers and  my cousin Joey Berding always watching me R.I.P, thanks for the support love y’all – B.Hess



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