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When did you first get on 5 boro ?


 I first got on 5boro, back in 96 when they were first starting up



Whats it like riding with those guys?    


It’s so rad. especially since i’ve been on since the beginning. i’ve been able to sit in the van with everyone thats ever been part of the crew. there’s been so many rad people involved in the family obviously the team has always been sick, but we are deeper than that. The guys that do art for us are awesome, sales team, and reps are all in the van and on the megaphone…



You turned pro what are the perks has it opened doors since turning pro?


Turning pro for 5boro was such a great experience, and has been awesome ever since. the best part of it is making the relationships over the years and getting to travel the globe riding skateboards



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You have been getting alot of coverage and everyone is hyped on you whats the key to your success what keeps you motivated to push yourself ?        


The motivation is definatly to keep it pure. you can forget how real skateboarding can be when you get caught up filming all the time. its so gratifying getting a clip or a flick but the days that Tombo is out pushing with us with his bag at the office are the best. just pushing through the streets of the city. taking the train to an unknown stop and cruising around searching for untapped spots is the best, to find a spot that has never been seen is such a better feeling than worrying about ABD’s. plus lets be realistic i might not be able to out trick alot of people but i have been able to out spot a few…



Whats the best tour that you have been on so far?


The best tour is such a tough one. there are so many at different times in my life that are just as memorable. i mean in the beginning of 5boro, we would do the same summer tour for probably 8 years with skate lair, krudco, solstice and talent. then going to tampa am with a bunch of homies which were the TFL crew(totally fucking latered) which was the birth of Patrick Odell’s Epicly Later’d legacy. Lima peru and Machu Pichu, anytime we got to link up with Luigi in europe was fucking awesome. i drove rte 66 with charno and buddy for one of their projects which was such an amazing trip, the dream team of crews, Luda, Pstone Rhyno Guzman, Duffel Jason Adams, and Matt Mumford, plus i always wanted to do that drive and see the true Americana. then there’s the trip we did with Pontus and the Carhart crew to detroit. Sorry i was just reminising, and the answer i guess is undecided because i aint done yet….



Who in your opinion is just a beast on the board ?


A beast on the board is tough… Busenitz is an absolute all around beast, there’s Suski who has a beastly manner and Joe Tookmanian will do shit that is going to blow your mind in videos and then you will go to the spot and it makes even less sense. Willy Akers is the the beast that will just show up and do shit before you put your coffee down



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Your pick of an idea pro line up to be on tour with ?


Damn how big is the van? party bus i hope cause the 5boro crew is in there old and new (aaron suski, brandon westgate anthony shetler, nick dompierre, mike peterson, ben wall, emmitt bennett, perri morgan, Andy Pitts, and Andy Henrie) Drehoble, Strubing, Toad, fuck we’d need a greyhound to do my dream trip. i met too many rad people over the years…            



5BORO new video Join, or Die dropped, what was the behind the scenes like?  


The behind the scenes of the join or die video is full of explicit shit. thousands of beers, cus words, broken boards, broken bones, broken dreams, hi fives, man hugs, a few black eyes, more black outs. an abundance of brotherly love, alot of companies claim family i call bull shit. there is no family in putting a bunch of kids that are good at skateboarding in a van together, all with their headphones on. we have chemistry and love for more than just the act of skateboarding



In your opion, who do you think killed it and why ?


This is an absolute cop out but i think the video from start to finish was solid. i hope its not because its the last six years of my life but i try to step out and look at it from an outsiders perspective. but in all honesty each persons parts can stand on its own on any level. so i guess the way to sum it up is that Tombo killed it by killing it on the editing of breaking his back following us around for the last few years…



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Whats up next for you any tours ,other videos ,ect ?


My daughter is a little over a year old now so as of now i am staying local, doing weekend trips into the city for filming and or demos in the area. plus the weather is shit in the northeast right now, so when the weather breaks it’ll be back to normal 



Last words ,advice , shout outs ?


Just remember that everyone is good at skating now a days, don’t be a kook or you’ll never be more than a home town hero, or at best you’ll go to tampa am and those dudes will call you out quick(thats why i love those dudes). i’d like to thank 5boro  deluxe brixton volcom lowcard and nike for all the love over the years. my wife and daughter for all that they do… and you for not letting me put this off any longer, thanks so much man keep up the good work. and lets get another ring Steelers!!!B.Hess



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