Congrats on winning the X-Games Real Street Fan Favorite. How was that experience?  

 That was really fun ! No pressure and film where and when I want before the deadline , I’ve competed in this once before and remembered how much fun it was and got me out on the streets !

What was it like filming at Sunken City?

I’ve been going to that place since the 2002 in old videos , people just don’t remember my clips in skate more or my old Artifact ad from 2003 …hahaha ! Love that area and the spot is rough but fun.

You must also be hyped on being on Adidas. Congrats! How did all of that transpire? 

 Thanks so much , I was with DVS 19yrs and a lot had changed there with new owners and the original owners all gone. That’s the main reason I wanted to move forward and find other new opportunities out there to get excited again about working on new projects! Like starting over .

What does it mean to you to be on the Adidas team?

It really means a lot ! I’ve been traveling a lot lately with the whole team and honestly love everyone on the squad. They have done such an amazing job finding individuals with a lot of heart and talent , I’ve noticed that every trip I take I’ve felt more and more hyped on being on the team. Jascha is amazing and has put together an amazing squad of genuine people.

Who are you most excited to skate with on the team?

I’m excited always to skate with anyone on the squad but Dennis,Miles and Silas as well as Blondie and Benny are so fun to skate with !

Would you like to collaborate with Real and Adidas in the future? 

 Well not with Real , I skate for Almost and that would be amazing to do a board / collab with them .

How hard was it to party ways with DVS? What do you think about the direction the company has taken?

 It was really hard to leave a brand you represented for 19yrs ! But honestly I’ve never made a better decision to move on and not look back at the past. This new venture has re motivated me and makes me wanna get better and better every day! I’m not sure what DVS is doing now and don’t wanna bad talk the brand …but after the new owners came 3 yrs ago and all the original were let go , too much changed for me there and it was time for me to rebuild a new and exciting beginning for me somewhere else.

I’m sure you’ve been getting a lot of responses about your latest skating career move from people on social media. What kind of impact has social media had on skating?

 It’s been crazy how much you can interact with the people who actually support you and see so much positive love as well as negative hahaha …but it’s good to hear all of it . The way social media is has accelerated the progression of skateboarding by 80% ! Kids have parks and so much material to work off its insane. We used to have to wait 1 to 2 yrs before we saw any new videos of new tricks lol ! Now every 15mins there’s an NBD on Instagram . I still love where it’s at now and that’s life ! You gotta just get out there and enjoy yourself .

You’ve posted some stuff online suggesting that you’re working on some parts. Can you give us any hints of what we can expect or what trips you have planned?

 Well I was working in an adidas intro part but I’ve had so much travel filming has been rough …but I’m gonna get back on it ASAP

Hell yeah! Well enjoy the ride; we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Speaking of traveling, you went to Seoul Korea for the first time since you were born. How was that trip? 

That trip was amazing !! Made me wanna tear up and the people were so respectful and made me feel so blessed …love that place and adidas got me back there for the first time ever since I left after I was born at the age of 2 .

Where was your favorite spot to skate? 

 For a while it was the GIrl park ! That’s gone do now I just hit random parks in Watts . But streets need to be my new spot ASAP.

Did you find any good donut spots while out there?

Nope hahaha hahaha ! But the markets had Honey buns !!

How do you balance being a Dad and traveling? 

Well me and the mom are separated so it’s been rough here and there and I’m working on it still … My son is a trooper and a true ninja ! He’s been really strong through all the negative. But all is good now and can’t wait to take him fishing .

Does your son like to skate?

 No , he tried but now he wants to be a chef 

Did your parents support you when you first started to skate?

 Nope , they did not ! They bought me one board and it got stolen 2 wks later and that’s it , from that point o found scraps or sold flowers to get money for a board .

You’ve been pro for over 20 years which is so rad and you continue to inspire skaters of all age. What inspires you to skate?

 FUN ! Does anyone stop wanting to have FUN??? Well that’s what keeps me inspired , that as the people who support me .

Any message you want to give the kids out there that are just getting into skating?

Yes , just enjoy yourself first off !! As you get better and better still respect the kids who just start and are terrible at skateboarding ! Through time they’ll be great like you. Enjoy every moment and pace yourself ! It’s not a race ….it’s the freedom to have as much as you want while getting better and better. 

Thanks again Daewon for your time. We wish you the best of luck to you and your new adventure! – KH