Cypress Hill x Strife?



Cross My Heart Hope To Die is a new music/multimedia collab with DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill and Andrew Kline of LA hardcore legends STRIFE.  You might think the only thing these 2 have in common  is an area code.  The partnership really works well in creating an updated trip hop sound that recalls the best moments of Portishead, Morcheeba and Tricky.  Rounding out the collective is singer Brevi(from 50 cent’s Be My Bitch) and Sean Bonner.  Muggs has been knee deep in Trap music while Kline just dropped a long awaited record with Strife but they found time to create something meaningful that looks like it has a future. Dark drum loops underlie fuzzy keys and soulful loops while Brevi puts a Bassey-esque vocal on top of it all.  Bonner’s contribution seems to be a visual element and experience that will be accompanying the music on the streets.  Interested to see where that will lead. Grab the 4 song ep on itunes out now.  B+

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