National City DIY Spot




I headed down to the new DIY spot in National City. Here’s some rad clips of the homies killing it enjoy



Chicano Park Grand Opening 2016



Chicano Park built a skate place for the kids in the hood. thanks to the city of San Diego and many others



#Tclips Videos



Dj Martin and Tyrone Olson headed to Carmel Valley skate park to get some Tclips for Breakfast. ENJOY THEY DO




Tyrone Olson headed down to Memo skate park and game of skate begins with Tommy Sandoval vs Dj Martin



Lakeside Skate Plaza Edit 4 #TCLIPS



Tyrone Olson and Tommy Sandoval headed down to the Lakeside skate plaza to get some Tclips enjoy.






Dj Martin Marcelle Johnson and I headed up to the Transworld skate park for a morning session. fun times enjoy

Alfonzo Rawls Birthday Day Tclips



We headed up to Aura skate park up in Vista for Alfonso Rawls B day skate jam. fun times with the homies. HAPPY B DAY ENJOY



Poods Skate Plaza Montage 3 tclips



Dj Martin and I headed up to meet up with Oscar Jordan and get some Tclips



Alga Norte Skate Park #TCLIPS



Dj Martin, John Manley Damon Ball and I having fun at the Alga Norte Carlsbad skate park. ENJOY



San Marcos Skate Park #tclips



Dj Martin and I headed up to San Marcos skate park to check it out for the first time enjoy.



Dj Martin #tclips Part



Dj Martin is on a mission, just drop a full part for the Washed Up Warriors video the High Lifers. All ready stacking mad Tclips so here’s some more Dj clips enjoy