Shop-Up: Five 0 Skate Shop

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Its a great shop in San Antonio Texas , the owner Rob helps out the skate community , by providing a genuine shop,with the best brands and with mad cool service , skater owned ,knows business and skateboarding , and with a solid team of riders ,holding it down for Texas Skateboarding. Location:  San Antonio, Tx., 2 locations , 7863 Callaghan Rd. , and at Rolling Oaks Mall – CH



Shop – UP: Wheelz Skateshop





Wheelz skateshop is a small family ran shop located in richfield utah, the owners are really chill and the vibes are always laid back. The shop is freshly opened and just starting to grow. You will notice the shop has tons of old school boards on the wall as you walk in from alva to vison and so on owned and skated by the shop owner himself back in the day. The prices are affordable as well and in a small town like richfield this shop was a blessing to the skate community. If you ever find yourself cruising through the town, be sure to stop in and check it out and show your love and support by purchasing some goods as it will only help them grow and expand, remember to always support your local skater owned, skater ran shops!  – JJ