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Not many people embody the spirit of a working-class town like the people of the Steel City. The people’s I have met from there are working-class, I don’t give two shits bout you type people. Brian Brick is one of those. For over 20 years he has run The TimeBomb Spot with that type of attitude. Located at 5450 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Ph# 412-661-2233 Open from 12-6 on the daily.


His shop is stocked with only the most progressive brands in skateboarding, music, and fashion. He’s got a small dedicated shop team that in a few years will be on point. They young so they waiting they turn! Brick’s got an eye for the future and pays respect to Pittsburgh’s past. He played in a punk band called The Battered Citizens and his shop is an homage to his beloved TimeBomb Crew. Don’t  know either? Then look em up and get schooled on some Pittsburgh history. He’s been a mainstay/mentor to some amazing people in his town.

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Need I say? Just ask rap superstar Wiz Khalifa who Brian Brick is. He will tell you. Legendary Zoo York Skateboards pro Kevin Taylor (who I can def say is probably the best skater ever to come out of da Burgh!) can tell you who Brick is. These are just two examples of how TimeBomb is so important to the Pittsburgh scene. They the real deal. Support em. They continue to be on the cutting edge! and on the Instagram, give em a follow @timebombshop  Peace. – Berto



Shop-Up: Programme




Since 2011, Chris Gronkowski and Efrem Schulz have been handling business in Fullerton,CA with Programme Skate & Sound 2495 E. Chapman Ave. Ph#714 798 7565.  The shop is stocked and stacked to the hilt with quality skate goods. And let me tell ya if there’s anything else we into outside of skating (aside from the opposite sex of course!) its music!

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And Programme has it in spades! They got tons of vinyl. To go with that the shop regularly has local bands play. Relatively new Programme is making their mark. They have a talented team led by Mike Berdis, Jesus Martinez, Alvaro Urzua, and Ducky Kovacs. Programme’s got u covered get with it!  Follow them on the Insta: @programme  and on the web:  – HA



Shop Up – Native Skate Store




Hailing from the North of England, Native Skate Store opened up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK in late 2004. The shop has had success since the get go and part of that was having the foresight to push mail order when at the time online shopping was still new. At first just in the UK, but now not only all over europe but even in Canada and the US! This is what I’m talking bout forward thinkers makin shit happen. 
 Native has a tight team of locals: Manni Haddon, Jaime Cairns, Will Creswick, Kurt Mitchell, Dan Main, & Chris Rose. They also got a couple of riders named Blinky and The Cougar- trust me these dudes rip! The shop’s stocked to the hilt with what you need. Newcastle couldn’t be in better hands than with Native. Pass by and see what’s good.  Native Skate Store is located at 50 Low Friar St., Newcastle NE15UE  Ph# 01912612229     Follow them on their social media/web  Instagram: @nativeskate   Twitter: @nativeskate  Web: Berto