steven reeves

steven reeves


For the past 8 months, OC Ramps had been working with “Make a Wish Foundation” and getting a young teen his wish for a concrete skate spot in his backyard.  As OC Ramps  came to an end on this project, January 11th, 2014 was a grand opening/presentation party for “Jonah’s Skate Spot.”

Jonah wished for a skate feature in his backyard so friends can come over to skate.  Jonah underwent surgery Jan.9, 2013 at 14 years old for an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme.  This was followed by six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, then monthly trips to UCLA for more radiation and antibody treatments as part of a clinical trial.  Jonah is continuing monthly trips to Los Angels and is also working hard in speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy, where he’s recently regained enough use of right hand to use chopsticks.  Before  he got sick, Jonah was a skateboarding fanatic.  When Make-A-Wish came to visit, Jonah wished for a skateboarding structure, so his friends could hang out and skate.

Now he is 15 and the  mini-park dubbed “Jonah’s Skate Spot” is ready to shred from the help of several businesses who have donated time, material and funds.  Over $65,000 in goods and services have been donated for Jonah’s wish.  Several companies including OR Ramps, Vans and Skate One have made cash donations.

Here are some photos from special event








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2013 Red Bull Triple Set Photos








tail flip out












tj f360




tyler dolphin




lil johnny




wallie nose








b nose blunt




nollie heel crooks




McClung big flip








hardflip nose grind




hardflip b tail







And The Winner Is……

And The Winner of @willysworkshop and @olloclip box is ?



"Sk8 in Peace my brotha form different motha"

“Sk8 in Peace my brotha from different motha”



footy by Jameson Decew