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10Qs with David Toole


Here are some Q&As with David Toole, Columbia, South Carolina’s owner of the best shop in town, Bluetile Skateboards.




Where were you born?

“Charlotte, NC.”


When did you open the shop?

“September 2001 is when we were established. We are coming up on our 15th year.”


Whos on the team?

“We have John Hill, Zach Gillespy, Dan Hare, Dorian Warneck, Dusty Yaullia, Chris Gardner, David Gladkowski and Andrew Thomas. We have the team hopefuls, Christian Wood and Jack Winburn. Then we have Chris Jacobs, Nick Thompson, these are like the old guys that never get kicked off. Wes Cobb is still out there floating around, and Jeremy Davis. Chris Cryer is one of those hopefuls, he is like family.”


Here is Bluetile’s 10 year anniversary video by Chris Rogers.


Here is the Bluetile video “Weaksauce” a film by Chris Rogers.


What was your first board?

“It was a yellow banana board, in fact I still have one.”


Whats the worst skate related injury?

“Dislocating my hip was probably the worst because I couldn’t walk for 6-8 weeks. Oh and tearing muscles in my neck was pretty bad too.”


Favorite skate shoe?

“Anything canvas! My favorite shoe would be Ed Templeton’s sheep shoe.”


How fast do you go through shoes?



Favorite skate spot?

“I would say the ditch in Harbison because that was like the first skate spot other than this spot called the china banks in Irmo.”


Do you think skateboarders have a bad rep?

I mean yeah there are the bad seeds and everything but I run into dudes all the time on my level and around the same age and all they care about is skateboarding. We wasn’t into partying or getting high and doing whatever. Its funny because those dudes were the ones who ended up opening skate shop.”


Any upcoming events for the shop?

“Just trying to brand the shop more.We got Go skateboarding day coming up! So just working on a lot of Bluetile stuff. Hopefully big things.”

Make sure you go follow Bluetile Skateboards on facebook, twitter , instagram (@bluetilesc), and check out their website at If you’re ever in Columbia, SC, hit up Bluetile Skateboards located on 621-23 Harden Street.









Sava Kucherin with the film butter and Bryton Watson with the gnar.

Sava Kucherin with the film butter and Bryton Watson with the gnar.


christian wood wall ride


Christian Wood- Wall Ride (@christian_wood)

Photo by- Andre Buchanan (@dammitdre)



Watch his part in Crucial- A skateboarding video.

Crucial – A Skateboarding Video

Crucial – A Skateboarding Video

Filmed and edited by Azfar Haque, Crucial – A Skateboarding Video shows some of Columbia, South Carolina’s local rippers in a full length video. This was a fun project to witness mind you this was Azfar’s first time filming and editing and he killed it. Crucial features Kaleb Mustain, Christopher Reed, Tony Chatham, Azfar Haque, Peter Washam, Justin Giraldez, Ted Aslund, P.J Ruff, Blake Burns, Andrew Rice, Thomas Hartman, and Christian Wood along with some friends. Enjoy!

Kaleb Jones Gallery


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