Next Up 5th Anniversary on Go Skateboarding Day 2014

Next Up 5th Anniversary on Go Skateboarding Day 2014



June 21st is the first official day of Summer, Go Skateboarding day and NEXT UP FOUNDATION’S 5th year anniversary and we had a great time with all the kids and everyone else that attended. Our party was filled with food, drinks, music by our DJ Saul Weber, tons of prizes provided by Vans, a lot of skateboarding and an unexpected special appearance by Steve Van Doren, VP Events/Promotion of Vans Shoes who came through with some Swag for the kids. June 21st of 2014 was a day to be remembered for years to come! Thank you everyone!!




Next Up Foundation Updates


Charitable Ventures

Getting fiscally sponsored by Charitable Ventures

Getting fiscally sponsored by Charitable Ventures

Next Up Foundation is proud to become under the umbrella of Charitable Ventures of Orange County as our fiscal sponsor!

What is fiscal Sponsorship?

A fiscal sponsorship is a type of relationship that a sponsored project (Next Up) has with its fiscal sponsor, typically conferring upon the project the benefit of the sponsor’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and certain administrative services.

What does this mean?

This new relationship allows Next up Foundation to access funding that would be otherwise difficult to reach by providing administrative supports beyond our current capabilities.

Thank you Charitable Ventures of Orange County for fiscal sponsorship!


Next Up visits Rio Contiguo High School

Rio Contiguo High School is a Youth Guidance Center within the Juvenile Court School system in Santa Ana, CA. Many of the youth attending this school have affiliations in gangs and/or a history of drug problems. On February 25th, our founder and president, Vinicius “Vina” Tinoco, along with Next Up Vice-president, Andre Genovesi, volunteer Chris Sanchez and our friend and supporter, Pro-skater Felipe Gustavo, had the opportunity to meet and share with these troubled youth our mission at Next Up. We got to inspire some of those adolescents that lack opportunities for mentoring.

Starting May 19th we will be providing more youth mentoring session at Rio Contiguo High School as we are now service providers for the Orange County Department of Education! We look forward to serving this cohort and support their re-entry from Juvenile system to becoming happy and productive members of society.

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Field Trip to the new Vans Skate Park in HB.

On April 23rd a few kids from Next Up Long Beach had the opportunity to skate a have a day filled with fun and new experiences. At the new Vans Skate Park in Huntington Beach. Field trips provide creative and fun experience that is highly anticipated. For many our youth there are substantial social-economic barriers that do not allow opportunities to visit places like Vans Skate Park. We are happy we be the influence that ties many youth to our communities while supporting their development and healthy lifestyles.

Vina   LBC kids at Vans
Vans HB