Tupac Gone Fishin



With Kosha Dillz newest album “”Awkward In a Good Way” dropping today on iTunes.  Here is a music video from one the best some songs “Tupac Gone Fishin” from his newest album. After watching the video go download the whole album and bump it all day



Kosha Dillz “Awkward in a Good Way” album premier on BILLBOARD + Eminem , NYC Album release tonight @ Webster Hall hosted Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg



Dillzionaires and Dillizionettes , Kosh-ers and Kosh-ims ,

Tonight is the night!

I am proud to announce something…cooler than ever before.


Years ago I was asked by someone to enter this red bull battle at Bowery Ballroom. I went in it and actually lost, but I won in a small way. A person reporting on Eminem for his album release wrote about me in the first paragraph and quoted my line.. “Your name sounds like a character from the legend of zelda” Eminem’s come back story with him on the cover has me mentioned in the first paragraph!

read the Eminem article here.

November 5th, Eminem’s album will come out as well as my album via Murs 316.

Once again, Eminem covers BILLBOARD Magazine, and now my album premiers there.

Here is my album premiere
Here is Eminem’s new article

EMINEM doesn’t know me, but I think anyone who is a hustler and hard worker will appreciate this album. Awkward in a Good Way.

tour dates:
nov 7 UW-Stout w/ DJ SIDEREAL, Midwest Selects Stout,WI
nov 8 – Fun Fun Fun Fest w/ Fat Tony and Antwon, Rat King, Underachievers Austin, TX
nov 9 House of Blues MURS, and Reverie Aneheim, CA
Nov 10 Common Ground Riverside CA
Dec 27 House of Blues w Murs and Reverie W. Hollywood CA


Enjoy this. How to throw an epic release show

thank you so much yo!

Big shout out to Murs, Rip Belief, Gangsta Boo, Flex Mathews, Skane, Rza, Verbs, Yehuda da mastadon , Jon Moskowitz, Brandon Dorsky, Matt from Diamond Media, Matisyahu Erez from Bancsmeda, Rosenberg, Gramz, SFTTM, Kyle Rapps, Crosby, Furoche, Jonathan Demar, Ben Nathan, and all that!!

love everyone im hella gassed thank yo.

Pre-Order This Album




If you met Kosha Dillz on his never-ending tours with artists like Snoop Dogg, Matisyahu, or Alex Clare, you may have gotten an awkward vibe bordering traits best described as “weird,” “slightly off,” or “Hustler-esque.” While many artist would struggle with such descriptions, Kosha owns these traits and turns them to his advantage. He boasts his own playable character in NBA 2K11 and 2k13which has sold over 5,000,000 copies; Kosha is also the only rapper to ever perform in Hebrew at the BET Hip Hop Cypher; He is labeled as the “rawest Jewish kat I know” by RZA and toured with him nationally for “The Man with the Iron Fists film; He single handedly secured the license to the number one rated Super Bowl commercial by USA Today in 2012 with Bud Light’s ‘Here Weego’campaign. He even played on Yo Gabba Gabba Live! with DJ Lance Rock as a Super Musical Friend for multiple sold out shows. Not too shabby for an awkward Jewish rapper guy.

Kosha Dillz will release his brand new album, Awkward In A Good Way, on November 5 on the label#MURS316, created by Hip Hop Living Legend Murs (independent rap extraordinaire and brainchild of Paid Dues). The album is a ten-song musical creation with Belief (Jesse Shatkin), who has also produced for the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Action Bronson, and vocal prowess Sia.

The album is remarkable in its eclectic mix of musical styles. Juxtaposing sample-free synth heavy creations with Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia joining Murs on “Where My Homies Be,” the song depicts the kind of map Kosha covers with his friendship. Kosha’s middle east twist on songs such as “Wavy” would rather have Mom put her hands up, than turn up, while songs like “Fwends” recall Kosha’s sober cocaine-induced fights with Katt Williams outside a Los Angeles club. “Zionist Yoga” compares politics to children, while “We are Different” with Murs, offers insight into the artist’s psyche and encourages us to embrace his awkwardly, awkward vibe, in a good way. 


So now go pre-order the album “AWKWARD In A Good Way”  here

Bud Light




Kosha Dillz Album x CMJ x Nov 5th x College Programs x more!!!




yeeeee. Dillzionaires and Dillzionettes

Young Kosha here, keeping it funky fresh for you all.
I got a lil shindig tomorrow in Brooklyn (rsvp on fb,www.oyveycmj.eventbrite.com ) and another big one on November 4th with Kyle Rapps in NYC @ the Studio at Webster Hall. Buy TIX here immediately and RSVP on Facebook

Its gonna be a special night and so far it looks good. Da album will feature Murs and Gangsta of Three 6 Mafia! What a combo I know. LOL. Im really excited about the production. Belief did it!

Other big shows coming up:

oct 16 Littlefield CMJ 10:45 Brooklyn, NY

oct 17/18 SOBS CMJ VIBE CHROME 2 am Manahttan NY
Nov 4 Album Release @ Studio at Webster New York, NY
Nov 7 UW Stout Stout, WI
Nov 8 Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin Tx
Nov 9 House of Blues w/ Murs and Reverie Anaheim, Ca
Nov 10 The Common Ground Riverside, CA
Nov 22 UW Stevens Point Stevens Point, WI
Nov 23 TBD Duluth, MN
Nov 29 Thanksgivukkah Fest Los Angeles, CA
Dec 27 House of Blues w/ Murs and Reverie West Hollywood, Ca

Always check www.koshadillzworld.com for updates daily on the dilly!

Jewish college program stuff.

Check out this link I made for programming at universities. Learn how to rap, learn about life, watch my film, and experience a concert!

check the programs list here

jewish booking: reply to rapperfriends at gmail dot com

fun videos for cool people:
hangin’ out 
West Coast Flavor ft. Rapper Big Pooh

speak to you soon



You can always let us know if you’d like to be dillz-ed with the Kosha. Kosha Dillz experience.


Kosha Dillz






Where were you born?

Perth Amboy, NJ


You are Israeli. When did you family immigrate to the US?



Where do you live now?

Korea Town, LA baby


When did you start writing?

17 was when I started to dream, but maybe even 16.


Where was your first show? Tell us a litle about that experience.

Ha that was at the Harvest Moon opening up for Afu-Ra. I remember that. I wore an ol NY Nets jump suit.


Congratulation on your new single “Hangin Out” coming out on itunes . Where were you the moment it was released and how was the energy there?

Basiclaly the video came out. Its taken an interesting turn becuase the success of it in sales isn’t where I want it to be, but the song moves every person who hears it. I think it will last forever though. Thats the main thing.


So… you “be hangin’ out” where exactly? Where are your favorite spots?

I m big in west pico LA. I love the beach as well.


On your twitter I saw you refer to your followers are Dillzionaires and Dillzionettes, has it stuck yet?

Not yet actually,. Dillzionaires are people rich in their own mind. I feel thats what I am. If you cant be a millionaire, you gotta be a dillzionaire. We are tryin to come up. Special people.


In what city have you had the largest dillizionaire turn out?

I feel the midwest has always been kind, as well as NYC and the south east. Omaha and Oshkosh are always great places.


There are lots of interesting characters in your Hangin’ out video,where did they come from?Friends? the streetz? casting?

Majority of my friend came from friendship, homies, roommates and craigslist.


The person I’d like to know about the most is the older gentlemen with the gnarly beard and snazzy cardigan. Is there a good story about him?

He was actually a homeless guy I hit off with 4 bucks to play the air guitar. Well worth it. I see hi on the streets but he doesn’t remember me now.



“All These Years” is my favorite song by you. I like the nostalgia in it and that its in Paris–such a nostalgic city. Did you go there specifically to shoot the video?

It was such an improv shot. Johanna Tordjman (mojo hanna) is really responsible for hooking it up. Those kids couldn’t speak English, but she really made it happen.


Tell us your best story of your time in Paris.

I think it was when i played Elysse Montmartre and then filmed the video the next day before my flight. I had gotten my passoort stolen in Greece and finally made it out of there with various clearances from the government and police stations. it was quite the trip. I got a new passport in France and made my show.


I speak two languages, and I find that being proficient in both takes a lot of effort. I read somewhere that you rap in three: Hebrew, Spanish and English. That’s amazing. You’re Jewish so that explains knowing Hebrew, but where did you learn Spanish?

Spanish I learned in School man. Public school in NJ is great. I’m really thankful for that, restaurants, and soccer.


In Kosha Dillz- Is Everywhere (official documentary trailer) you say, ” Judaism, I don’t push that on anybody, I push music on people.”It is true that you don’t push Judaism, but you do loudly represent your heritage. However, many Jewish people aren’t religious, are you?

I would say people mention me as too jewish for certain jewish situations and not jewish enough for others. Same concept as black people who hang with all white people, and then feeling uncomfortable around all black people. Its unfortuante that we do this t our own creed, but I am not ashamed to wear my differences on my sleeve. I try to make all that “in-between” comfortable.


Please recommend some of your favorite musicians now.

Robin Thicke, Kid Cudi, Haim, Capital Cities, and the trumpet player from Macklemore.


Where is the furthest you’ve gone on tour?



Where are you touring this summer?

Hitting the road with Turquoise Jeep and Matisyahu as a guest emcee.


What are you working on now?

I just finished my LP, “Awkward in a Good Way”.


Finally, what is your life motto?

“and nothing else matters” – Metallica – EDDIE



Kosha Dillz New Track



Kosha dropped another new summer track “West Coast Flavor” ft Rapper Big Pooh



Kosha Dillz New Single

Head to iTunes to buy Kosha Dillz single for $.99 on June 11th 2012


Keep The Jeep Ridin’ Tour Tonight + MTVU – San Diego, Hollywood, San Fran, Seattle, Portland, and more!


TJKDFlyer_Updated copy



If your in SD area tonight go visit our homie “Kosh Dillz” on tour and tell him True Skateboard Mag sent you.  Here are the dates and ticket links and Facebook RSVP lists:

May 9 The Casbah San Diego tix RSVP on FB 
May 10 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa tix RSVP on FB 
may 11 The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood tix RSVP on FB 
May 12 The Independent San Francisco tix RSVP on FB 
May 14 Ace of Spades Sacramento tix RSVP on FB 
May 16 Branx Portland tix RSVP on FB 
May 17 Crocodile Cafe Seattle tix RSVP on FB 
May 18 Funk Zone Santa Barbara # tix RSVP on FB 
May 19 Shredder Boise * (no kosha, but TQ) 
May 21 Kilby Court Salt Lake City tix RSVP on FB



Kosha Dillz “Hangin’ Out” Video



Our good homie “Kosha Dillz” has dropped his latest music video “Hangin’ Out”  with a Belief beat. If you like the song, you can download it free here