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Greg Holt – Lip


Took this picture in such a rush since people were already complaining about us skating before. haha Be sure to look out for Greg Holt video part coming soon. On my page SouthFlskates

Throwback Video Thursday : Savannah Slamma Contest

I remember seeing this video and being so stoked . It was one of those videos that you watch over and over that Thrasher magazine put out . The music was good . The skaters were awesome and the fact they had the longest pvc rail slide which back then was gnarley . I used to want to build one so bad . This is when a video came out you were so hyped to get it everything was fresh and new people were inventing tricks left and right. I miss that about skating when I started I mean don’t get me wrong stuff today is so sick just on some next level. I think the thing that kids are missing out is that once a video nowadays hits its like a two second thing then on to the next since there is so much out there . In one eye out the other. It used to be awesome gathering a bunch of friends and going to someones house and ordering food and having a big premiere. —-Blair Hess—

What Skateboarders See In The World Is Different Than The Average Person

What normal people see in everyday world is different then a skateboarder. To give you an example a pallet for instance is to transport and ship heavy or multiple objects to a destination . Once the pallet is done it is discarded into trash pile. As a skateboarder I look at it as a skateboard object that can be used. I saw this random pallet at work and the size was perfect for a small portable manual pad. I got the pallet and decided I was going to make a mini manny pad . First off anyone else would be like how well in the pics below is pretty much step by step . I even painted some of my art on it to give it a little flare. and poof its that simple . Big enough to do manny tricks but small enough to take with me anywhere. —Blair—

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Throwback Video Thursday: Search for Animal Chin

Today I was feeling this video for throwback video Thursday . This was one of the first skate videos I saw at a premier at my local skateboard shop Lambretta skateboard center. I still remember that day a ton of skaters came out . The shop was actually in the middle of a scooter and waverunner store. The owners son Dave Bamdas was and still is a great skateboarder. Dave opened up one of the best skateboard shops around. When Dave had this premier it was on a big tv and everyone was just amazed by this video . I didnt really skate that much maybe once in awhile just because my friends had boards but I remember always wanting to skate like the powell guys of course a couple years later I got the fever to skate everyday and havent stopped since over twenty years later.

Tired Skateboards Video Two



The Tired skateboard video 2 is out on Thraser Mags website Check it out Pretty cool . They blessed me with a few clips in it so I had to post it Thanks for all the support.Go and support Tired skateboards .

Throwback Video Thursday: AntiHero “Tent City”

Mark Lake and Go Fund Me project Support the Scene

.If you didnt know 57 year old legendary skateboarder and pioneer Mark Lake’s vision of having an indoor vertical half pipe in South Florida available to all who wish to drop in has finally been realized (almost). After working together with motivated skate dad Peter Tust for months and conducting presentations and attending meetings with Calvary Chapel’s leadership, they have finally been given the green light and have secured a location in Ft. Lauderdale at Calvary Chapel’s Ramp 48 Skatepark. We are set to start construction once we are able to secure the funding required for materials and Team Pain’s master ramp builder Mike Kruse and crew. The ramp will be 10 1/2 ft transition with 1 ft and 10 inches of vert and 24 ft wide. The surface will be Russian birch. This ramp will be as solid as a ramp can be. Mike Kruse built Chris Guilfoose’s ramp as well as being a big part of the construction of Olliewood. Kruse is the best in the business. Ramp 48 currently has a mid sized bowl, mini ramp and a street course. We are real stoked to bring a vert ramp there for all of us South FL riders and for all of those who visit the South Florida area as well. In order for this to happen we need the support from as many people and places that are willing to support our mission of vertical skateboarding for the young, the old, the girls, the boys and anyone that wants to have vertical skateboarding as a positive outlet for those in South Florida. Please support and share our mission as we embark on one heck of a ride that will involve some airs, handplants and some lip tricks too. The following is from Mark Lake: We are finally ready, we have permission to construct an indoor vert ramp at Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale. It will be almost 13 ft tall.
No construction will begin until we have a stack of checks totaling $23,600 which is the total money needed. We’ve raised over $6,000 already. Please contribute, if we don’t raise the money all checks will be returned.

Please make your tax deductible checks payable to Calvary Chapel and mail them to:
Lake Skateboards
1534 NW 3rd St
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 or go directly to http://www.gofundme.com/uz3u554 and donate for a good cause keep the skate scene alive.

More photos and updates to come, but for now this is a start. Let’s get this going! Thank you.4638362_1432069669.3478_funddescription

Throwback Video Thursday: H-Street “Hokus Pokus”