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Drop In Skate Jam Boca Raton Fl

Wallrides ( F.H.O)

Skate Crews



Everyone has friends they skate with all the time. These friends are your crew that you chill with ,skate with, and just about do everything together with. As you get older parts of your crew either stops skating ,moves away or for whatever reason just isn’t around anymore. As I get up in age and still skate i have a different look on skateboarding and its hard to get everyone together to skate at the same time . I have maybe two or three people I always skate with so i started Coffin Krew . Basically its a crew that still skates still can throw some tricks down but no stress or pressure . We are not trying to be cool or care what tricks are out or who’s the next big skater. We just want to skate and have fun. Doesnt matter if you are old or young it’s just the fact that no matter what we have fun. If you have a good attitude and it shows by the vibe you give off then you’re in the crew . No corporate shit no big time drink sponsors just you and a skateboard. Thats it. So when your with your crew just skate and have fun . keep in touch with everyone if you can. When you get to 45 and still skate with the people you skated with at 16 it is the greatest thing. —Blair Hess



Gonz in Miami


If you are in Miami check out this cool event that the Gonz is going to be at. This is great thing chill with some Jazz by Jason Moran and the Gonz will be skating . Before there will be a talk so get your tickets not often you get something this cool to come around . —-Blair Hess-






Well i just turned 45 geez seems like it was yesterday i started skateboarding. It is funny how most people’s perception of me in the normal world just walking down the street is so off. When I let people know i skateboard they are like ” don’t you think your to old to skate you could get hurt at your age “. I’m thinking maybe your right but then again most likely they are not. Yes it is a little harder to skate with work and sometimes crawling out of bed i twist my knee wrong and I wont be able to skate for a month. If i still have kickflips like i do in the photo i don’t think im too old to do anything . So take a gander im 45 and i skate fuck what anyone says and keep skateboarding don’t worry about getting hurt just skate till you can’t hold your board anymore. Then take it with you to the grave. ——Blair—



Searching for Chin


Picture says a thousand words or thoughts. What is it that skateboarders are always looking for ? Is it the challange,the excitement of finding a new spot. Could it be we are all just exploring because its in what we are. We love a challange and never give up finding new challanges. So keep searching for Chin and keep the adventure going.



Pillage in The Village