Support Local Skate shops

Flatspot Board Shop


I always say support your local skate shop. When I was growing up and started skating it was awesome to check out local shops they had everything. Local shops is where all of us would meet up and then head out and skate all day then go back and chill and watch videos.  I remember first getting sponsored by the local shop which was a big deal. It was like you were a mini rock star if you rode for a certain shop. Word would spread like hot fire when you got on the team. Whats also great is that they can help you get in touch with the big skate companies and get you hooked up. Shops can also put on events to help keep the scene alive . So next time you are thinking about buying a new skateboard stop and think that mail order fake ass non skating website isn’t helping you its helping their pockets . Keep supporting local shops and they will keep supporting the cause!

Circus Bowl skate jam and Art show May 11th

circus artshow


Come one come all to the greatest event on earth or at least in the ft lauderdale area. The Circus bowl is opening its doors to the public for just one day on May 11th. It all starts at 12 with a full on skate jam all day and art show at night. The Circus is a private indoor bowl that when you get a chance to skate it you always make it to these type of things because they dont happen often. I went to the last one and i gotta to say you will see some of the best skating around and some great art. Check out  to see the bowl.

Back From S.P.O.Ts 20th year contest

168052039023057061 042035148101058170 (2)049173054175Well I have to say this was the best Tampa Pro so far. It was S.P.O.T. ‘s 20th anniversery which also was Girl skateboards 20 year as well.  Thursday was the Girl art show at The Bricks which had some limited art as well as some props from Yeah Right as well as some great Photos. Friday I got there with my crew and hit  downtown at Ybor Where we came upon the rap battle of all Battles . One white kid verses the world very entertaining for sure. He had a crowd that formed around him and he was taking down fools left and right. Mike Caroll was out in full effect as well super cool dude. Saturday woke up we hit bro bowl . We get there it was invaded by long board kooks but once they left the sesh was on. We headed over to The Bricks but was so packed we just went over to the shop where I have to say that is a cool shop not too big not to small just right. The employees were super nice so that stoked me out more. We left and headed to SPOT and just the amount of pros from Jeff Grosso to Eric Koston was insane . Lance had designed the trophies and shirts for the 20year celebration as well as Girl and Fourstar which was pretty rad. Ran into Rick Howard which every time i have seen him he has been the coolest. always taking the time to talk and is just all around nice guy so always support dat guy any way you can. At three free beer was on and my chick was all over that after awhile it was barge at will for her. I would want a pic with someone but didnt want to just barge in until they were done Jen had no problem bustin in . I was laughing the whole time. I see her near the vert ramp im like get over here she smiles and goes to the back of the ramp next thing I know she just barged the ramp and was up on deck while the contest is going on. Thats where the sick picture of Max schaff came from good times that day. Sunday I m in the bathroom and my friend Chris comes in the room I hear him say I got company it turns out the cops were in our room. Cars were being broken into during the night and he fit a similar description haha sure he did. I opened the bathroom door while taking a shit so I would not get shot when i walk out the bathroom mind you im pooping while talking to the cops . so they searched the room found nothing asked us why we were in Tampa we said for contest at SPOT. One cop was you skate i was like I do . The lady cop was like arent you to old to skate . I was like huh since when is there an age limit so I called her out and showed here some footy of me off my phone and said gonna have to eat your words now and the other cop laughed and said looks like you do have to eat your words . I laughed they were cool but then I heard she was talking like well I didnt see any splean busting action psst shows how narrow minded some people are yet she is a woman and a cop im sure if I would of insulted her like that she would of been offended over that saying . Thats why some people will never get it. We head over to the Bricks and actually got to eat there which food was amazing. The highlight of the breakfast experience was Jason Jesse was a table behind us which was cool to see that he even made it to Tampa. Left the bricks and headed to Spot for the finals and the molt race. I got to say the molt race gets nastier every year . Now eggs ,meat whatever you can find was tossed at the kids in the molt and sometimes getting people on the sidelines . The skating was gnar the days were awesome and i wish it was still going on but some people have to go back to work . Happy 20th SPOT it was a blast.



Tampa Pro 2013 come out and play!

tampa pro   Well its that time again to go and experience Tampa Pro again. Tampa Pro is something I look forward to every year . I get to see pro skaters that I am hyped on, I get to skate bro bowl, see old friends and make new ones. S.P.O.T has brought people together for many years and this contest is awesome if you get a chance I advise at least going once in your lifetime. If you have an experience or anything to say about when you went to Tampa Pro please share it by leaving a comment and giving us the good ,bad ,or ugly of your time in Tampa. Hope to see you all there.

Suck my Balls Fucking PREPS!!!!!!!!!! This is why kids are fucked up.

19_imagejpeg_2  Well I am back to talk more shit on these bullshit fake ass skateboards being made. Lets start by saying what the fuck is this that came out. I remember all the jock shitheads in high school that use to wear Izod Lacoste prep shirts and used to fuck with all the skaters. Well all these prep fucking companies decided hey lets do the cool thing and come out with skateboards. Well I have to say what kind of shit is this I swear if I see any stupid idiot riding this I am going to shoot my board into them . This is got to be the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen. Its bad enough there is an Ed Hardy skateboard now this piece of shit is out. Ok I know the long board penny phase is what every fake skater is into and yes I know Hosoi is coming out with a nickel  penny board you get a pass cause your a legend  but this shit coming out is a disgrace to every skateboarder in the world. This is why kids are pussies and the fact that these companies are getting away with coming out with this garbage you got to think they are not real skaters and you are supporting a company that has no clue about our lifestlye and what skating is about. Stop giving into this bullshit and support local shops and real skateboard brands that are owned by skaters.

Lurkmode Intro





Whats up its 2013 and im out here to call out all the bullshit fake ass things wrong with skateboarding. I will be nice and somethings im just going to give a piece of my mind. I know we all think it but just need someone to say it. There has been alot of whoring skateboarding around. Stupid ass products coming out by non skateboarding companies and a whole bunch of bullshit going on. Sure people got to make a living but after reading some of the stuff that went on in 2012 I think its time to start calling people on their shit. I love skateboarding and the fact that I get little johnny telling me to do a trick when the little bastard is riding a kook ass longboard and is wearing slide gloves on flat ground is just the dumbest thing so I will be calling alot of that shit out as well. People time to shut yo mouth and skate and quit being a pussy. No more crying about your bushings squeeking,or your board doesnt turn right or your bearings are to loud break dat shit in shut up and stop complaining and go learn a real trick . If I offend you to bad fuck off if you like what I say then welcome to the Lurk Mode Squad !