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What made you decide to start skating?

I always watched my two brothers as a young age growing up and always wondered how they could stayed on without falling off. They were a big inspiration to me and I wanted to do the same being the youngest brother so id say my two brothers.


Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

Ohh was a long time ago now but I’m pretty sure it was a whole set up from Kmart or similar then I had an old Kewday passed down from my brother.


Who has been the most influential skater for you?

I’d have to say Lewis Marvell, Shane Oneil, Evan Smith.


What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

My worse injury was November last year. Dislocated compound fracture on my right ankle I now have a plate and some screws.


Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

I would have to say the most memorable moment skating wasn’t the best of times but was when I snapped my ankle last year. I will probably remember that for the rest of my life so will my homies I’m pretty sure haha.




How fast do you go through shoes?

Argh always through shoes bout 3/4 weeks tops haha.


What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

Shortest time was not even a full week,two days after purchasing the deck snapped on flat.


What is your favorite spot to skate?

My favorite spot would have to be my local skatepark but also love street searching on weekends schools etc. oh, and my mini ramp at home. haha love that thing.


What do you think about the skating scene today?

I think it’s great and the progression has just gotten crazy in the last few years which is awesome a lot more people out there these days having a go and wanting to learn!! Love it smile emoticon but also all skaters are one always positive vibes at parks/spots etc.


Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

Haha nah I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me and all my mates are basically skaters first time I have ever heard skating having a bad rep.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors for what they have done for me so far I’m really great full for what everyone has done for me and kept me rolling plus with all the fresh gear provided 🙂 much love guys and plenty more good times to come. – Berto