Daniel Pensyl


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When did you first get on 5 boro ?


 I first got on 5boro, back in 96 when they were first starting up



Whats it like riding with those guys?    


It’s so rad. especially since i’ve been on since the beginning. i’ve been able to sit in the van with everyone thats ever been part of the crew. there’s been so many rad people involved in the family obviously the team has always been sick, but we are deeper than that. The guys that do art for us are awesome, sales team, and reps are all in the van and on the megaphone…



You turned pro what are the perks has it opened doors since turning pro?


Turning pro for 5boro was such a great experience, and has been awesome ever since. the best part of it is making the relationships over the years and getting to travel the globe riding skateboards



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You have been getting alot of coverage and everyone is hyped on you whats the key to your success what keeps you motivated to push yourself ?        


The motivation is definatly to keep it pure. you can forget how real skateboarding can be when you get caught up filming all the time. its so gratifying getting a clip or a flick but the days that Tombo is out pushing with us with his bag at the office are the best. just pushing through the streets of the city. taking the train to an unknown stop and cruising around searching for untapped spots is the best, to find a spot that has never been seen is such a better feeling than worrying about ABD’s. plus lets be realistic i might not be able to out trick alot of people but i have been able to out spot a few…



Whats the best tour that you have been on so far?


The best tour is such a tough one. there are so many at different times in my life that are just as memorable. i mean in the beginning of 5boro, we would do the same summer tour for probably 8 years with skate lair, krudco, solstice and talent. then going to tampa am with a bunch of homies which were the TFL crew(totally fucking latered) which was the birth of Patrick Odell’s Epicly Later’d legacy. Lima peru and Machu Pichu, anytime we got to link up with Luigi in europe was fucking awesome. i drove rte 66 with charno and buddy for one of their projects which was such an amazing trip, the dream team of crews, Luda, Pstone Rhyno Guzman, Duffel Jason Adams, and Matt Mumford, plus i always wanted to do that drive and see the true Americana. then there’s the trip we did with Pontus and the Carhart crew to detroit. Sorry i was just reminising, and the answer i guess is undecided because i aint done yet….



Who in your opinion is just a beast on the board ?


A beast on the board is tough… Busenitz is an absolute all around beast, there’s Suski who has a beastly manner and Joe Tookmanian will do shit that is going to blow your mind in videos and then you will go to the spot and it makes even less sense. Willy Akers is the the beast that will just show up and do shit before you put your coffee down



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Your pick of an idea pro line up to be on tour with ?


Damn how big is the van? party bus i hope cause the 5boro crew is in there old and new (aaron suski, brandon westgate anthony shetler, nick dompierre, mike peterson, ben wall, emmitt bennett, perri morgan, Andy Pitts, and Andy Henrie) Drehoble, Strubing, Toad, fuck we’d need a greyhound to do my dream trip. i met too many rad people over the years…            



5BORO new video Join, or Die dropped, what was the behind the scenes like?  


The behind the scenes of the join or die video is full of explicit shit. thousands of beers, cus words, broken boards, broken bones, broken dreams, hi fives, man hugs, a few black eyes, more black outs. an abundance of brotherly love, alot of companies claim family i call bull shit. there is no family in putting a bunch of kids that are good at skateboarding in a van together, all with their headphones on. we have chemistry and love for more than just the act of skateboarding



In your opion, who do you think killed it and why ?


This is an absolute cop out but i think the video from start to finish was solid. i hope its not because its the last six years of my life but i try to step out and look at it from an outsiders perspective. but in all honesty each persons parts can stand on its own on any level. so i guess the way to sum it up is that Tombo killed it by killing it on the editing of breaking his back following us around for the last few years…



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Whats up next for you any tours ,other videos ,ect ?


My daughter is a little over a year old now so as of now i am staying local, doing weekend trips into the city for filming and or demos in the area. plus the weather is shit in the northeast right now, so when the weather breaks it’ll be back to normal 



Last words ,advice , shout outs ?


Just remember that everyone is good at skating now a days, don’t be a kook or you’ll never be more than a home town hero, or at best you’ll go to tampa am and those dudes will call you out quick(thats why i love those dudes). i’d like to thank 5boro  deluxe brixton volcom lowcard and nike for all the love over the years. my wife and daughter for all that they do… and you for not letting me put this off any longer, thanks so much man keep up the good work. and lets get another ring Steelers!!!B.Hess



Danny Horbatiuk





When did you start skateboarding and what got you into it?

My brother Chris, I looked up to him an wanted to do what he did. Chris taught me the basics and  I was hooked. Some great memories there, golden days



What was the video that got you hyped an you had to watch it before you skate

Modus Operandi, C hocolate tour 99, The Reason One Step Beyond  and  Yeah Right



What’s your shred stick consist of? answer?

7.75 Lockdown,  Paradox Grip, Black Venture, Bones bearings and  Spitfire Wheels



What’s your craziest encounter outside of skateboarding

Mark Gonzalez sighting at the Brooklyn banks and the session I had with him. Skating back from the projects I ran into Fat Ralphie from the Andy Milonakous Show at an alley in the project buildings, he bummed a dollar off me for Mcdonald  I  guess MTV did him dirty




Who or What teams are you hyped on?

I’m psyched on the Originators of Skateboarding that stay true to their roots an do it for the right reasons, I’m hyped on Danny Montoya,  Sean Sheffey,  Mark Suciu, Austyn Gillete,  Jake Johnson,  Willy Santos,  Jason Dill, Bobby Puleo,  Gino Ianucci,  Dan Drehobl,  Ghuru Khalsa,  Rob Welsh,  Geoff Rowley,  Arto Saari,  Brian Wenning and Sean Walis




What’s your ideal skate trip and who would u want to go with

I go every week its New York. If I had to choose another destination , Oregon/Japan with the Brentwood locals, the parks in Oregon and spots in Japan that would be legit



What’s your go to trick?

Nollie Front Tailslide



Hubba girls or Hooter girls?

I’m not a fan of colored wheels but I am a fan of beer and breasts for sure.  So, I’m going with Hooters 



What’s the best things about skateboarding?

Laughs with your friends cruising around search of new spots, new skateparks,  traveling,  New York City, random run ins with bums / crackheads,  the freedom of expression and setting yourself apart from everyone else.  It’s an escape from reality skateboarding taught me how look at life differently and it makes you much  more appreciative then the regular person.  I can’t explain it it’s a wonderful feeling , its therapeutic in a way and keeps me mentally stable


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What’s the worst thing about skateboarding?

The cool guy image for example: Neff  headwear,  ccs,  Colored Wheels,  Lizard King people who do it for the wrong reasons,  Lil Wayne,  Zumiez,  Real SkateShops Struggling to stay open,  internet bad vibes people who get pissed when they skate repetitive tricks in same video parts ,  people who are out there just faking the funk unoriginal generic styles of skating, and filming at the same spots 



Any shout or hate outs

Chaney for finding me Rich , for the support a place to stay an help in everything, Brian Wenning for the support an help as well and for putting up with Richie, Banks Bafoonery ,  Ryan Flores, Richie Banks,  Sean Walis, Dielon Drew,  Tom Farrel,  Daniel Mcdaniels,  Brentwood Homies,  Bethpage Homies,  OG Tanner Homies,  Sauce Homies,  Scotty Rox,  Lou Feis,  Nick Reily,  Nick Della Homies who skated back in the day with DPA Belmont Factories,  my family,  brothers and  my cousin Joey Berding always watching me R.I.P, thanks for the support love y’all – B.Hess



10qs – Rafael Perez






Name and where you from?


Rafael Perez, South Central Los Angeles



Years skating?


About 5 or 6 years, I would of have had like 8 but I stopped skating for 2 years because  didn’t have anyone to skate with.



What’s your set up consist of?


Mainline skateshop deck, WUB WWheels, Thunder lights, Bones Bearings, Leftover hardware, and Buck Shot griptape.



How did u get into skateboarding?


My neighbors would always skate a flat bar across the street from my house and it looked like fun so I asked for a Skateboard for Christmas, ended up getting a fake board from like Walmart haha.



Favorite spot to skate?


Don’t really have a favorite spot but any spot that has stairs or a haindrail would be fun.





Best thing about skateboarding?


Just going out with my homies and stacking clips is the best, and getting support from companies pumps it up to try harder and get better.



Worst trend in skateboarding?


Mongo pushers



Any good skate stories where your like what the fuck just happened?


One time I was cruising at paramount skatepark and the park got surrounded by cops im like what Is going on, I was like 13 or 14 I got tackled and put in the back of a cop car for writing “fuck pigs” on my grip tape I was shitting my pants. I got a ticket and never went to court haha



Whats your goto trick at any spot?


Varial heel forsure.



Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?


Shout out to Mainline skate shop, Wub Wheels, Buck shot grip tape, Leftover Hardware, Etnies and Markisa Co. Also to my filmers Davonte Jolly, Jose Perez Filmermannie, Nigel Alexander and anyone else who has took there time too film me and supports my videos – B.Hess



Brian Wenning






How long have you been skating and who or what got you into it?


I’ve been skating for about 18yrs. Just seeing the older guys who I thought were the cool guys skating down the street from my house got me curious and amped to skate. I still see some of them to this day. Shout out to the OG Sam Holiday.



You have skated for habitat what was it like in the Habitat days?  


The Habitat days were some of the best days and years of my life man. I learned alot of life lessons and just all around real shit from all of those dudes. Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Joe Castrucci made my dreams a reality. Traveling the world non-stop we jelled into a family. To this day i still hang out with Fred Gall, Tim O’Conner, Kerry Getz, and Danny Garcia. These dudes are still my good ass friends. Leaving Habitat was possibly one of the worst decisions in my life and Im ok with it and can live with it. The handshake deals Carter did was the way to go. Thats all I gatta say about that.



You switched to Plan B which seemed like everything was going your way what happened with Plan B and why did you leave?


I had a meeting with Danny Way and Colin McKay in San Diego at some sushi spot. My DC shoe was dropping at the same time as all this. It was supposed to be a great move for all of us. Honestly, its just the way i work and im a little more laid back and Colin understood that. I guess basically i felt way more comfortable with the guys i grew up with at Alien Workshop and Habitat. I just distanced myself a bit  too much and caught a bullshit charge in Arizona and blah blah blah…   I was then dealing with my own demons and that explains some of my disappearing acts, so i totally understand why plan b and i parted ways. Colin and i will always be cool. He is a good dude bottom line.



You seemed to disappeared out of the lime light what were you doing ?


I really just needed some time to figure out a few things. Yanno alot of bullshit happened like county time and probation. It just sucked because i couldn’t leave the state of NJ. But now im off probation and really amped on life. I will never go through that shit again. I promised myself that hundreds of times and i intend on keeping that promise.



What made you decide to start Lock down Skateboards?


Basically being trapped in New Jersey and being on probation. For about a year i would just take my ipod to the beach and listen to alot of different music. I kept on saying to myself that i wanna help certain new guys out and do things my way. As for the name, my best friend Rich and I came up with it one night at a bar in Jersey. Thats it! I finally turned a bad situation into a good one.



What is the hardest thing about starting a company?


Pulling the trigger! You just have to believe in yourself, even when people are trying to keep you down. Ive been through enough shit in my life that some baffone talking shit on the internet doesn’t phase me one bit. I don’t read message boards or youtube bullshit. Im not worried about anything or anyone except for family and the friends that stood by me through all the bullshit. Thanks yet again



I was pretty hyped to hear your doing a company then i heard you put on Ronson Lambert which i think he is an amazing skater as well. how did that come about?


This recession has a lot of really talented guys with no boards man! that shit is fucked! I know Ronson has been burned before in the industry yanno. We got each others number through a mutual friend and we both agreed on everything immediately right off the bat. If he believes in this company from the ground up, day 1, I believe in him 100%. Ronson is one of the last insane tech dudes left out there. He also has a great head on his shoulders. He is actually in New Jersey right now as i writing this. We flew him to Jersey to skate and talk. Good news…



Have you had your eye on anyone else for the team?


Yes I have a few but haven’t approached anyone yet. As a clever friend once told me slow and steady wins the race.



Will you be coming out with a new part soon i know im hyped to see it?


Only time will tell my man. stay tuned…



Brian Wenning 1



Describe to me what your definition of a true skateboarder is in your mind there are so many gimmicks and fake companies trying to cash in on skateboarding kids don’t even know whats what i feel?


A true skateboarders every kid out there that loves it soo much that they eat, sleep, and breathe skating. They would choose skating over girls, family, jobs, and school. The real recognize the real.



Who do you skate with these days who hypes you up the most?


These days i mostly just skate with true friends and just some local kids. As for pros, just my man Tim O’Conner and Fred Gall. I usually lay low , but when i film, im all for the 20 man crew session ya know.  Friends hype me up especially child hood friends…



Any videos you have to pop in the player before you go skating?


Any PJ Ladd, Ronson Lambert, Ian Reid, Spencer Brown, Gino, Keenan, and a local youtube rider from jonney E. But usually music inspires me the most.



Whats your set up when you put together a new board and do you have any things like you have to have a certain color deck or anything  that u go by when setting up a new board?


The only thing i must do is the sideway grip tape on the tail. That shit started in NYC. People in Cali used to trip on that! So here ya go: the griptape thing i explained above, 50mm wheels, Indys, Lockdown board, and im good to go. When it comes to boards alls i need is Chapman wood and thats it! Anything from 7.75 to 8.25, i don’t care.



Whats gonna happen with Lockdown skateboards sent in 2013 any trips planned?


YEAH Coney Island Boardwalk in Long Island having a team meeting at the freak show!!!!! Nah im jokin….     But yeah man we will be out in Cali soon and all that. For now we will be in Philly, NYC, and good ol NJ. We are actually going to LOVE Park this sunday and bringing Ronson there,. The dude is amped. 



Any words of wisdom to give to the  skaters out in the world or shout outs?


I would like to say to all the kids coming up to be very humble. Appreciate the free t-shirts, hoodies, boards, food, grip, etc… Focusing boards is just ridiculous. Kids these days would die to get a used board. And if you do make it far enough in the industry, stay loyal and just be yourself. Don’t follow the coolest new trend. Just do you!!

Shout out to my family, rich, friends, Chapman brothers, and all the people that supported me through the years. I love y’all!!!     Keep it fucking moving baby!!!!!….  over n out  – B.Hess









10qs – Dustin Dattilio




Name and where you from?

My name is Dustin Dattilio and I’m from Vergennes, Vermont


Years skating?

I’ve been skating for about 6-7 years


What’s your set up consist of? 

Right now I ride any 8.25 deck I can find( currently its a 5Boro NYC deck), tensor trucks, Bones STF wheels, Bones bearings, Mob Grip


How did u get into skateboarding?

I saw some guys outside my house popping ollies and kickflips and really wanted to try it, so my mom bought me an Enjoi deck. I’d skate from spring until winter, and then snowboard until the snow melted and get back on my skateboard


Favorite spot to skate?

I really like to skate Bristol Skatepark. Our local high school also has a really fun gap





Best thing about skateboarding?

The freedom you have on your board and watching people progress


Worst trend in skateboarding?

The fact that companies that don’t belong in skateboarding are trying to get in on it because they see how much skateboarding has progressed


Any good skate stories where your like what the fuck just happened?

I really don’t have any cool stories about skating. When I was starting out, my friend was trying heelflips and got popsicled so bad that it split his sack. We couldnt drive yet, so he had to ride his bike back home with a torn sack. That kind of ruined heelflips for me


Whats your goto trick at any spot?

Casper flip for sure!


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

Shoutout to Outdoor Technology and BOLA for supporting me! Also thanks to Preston Gage for all of the time he has spent filming, getting photos and pushing me, and thanks to Chandler Brigan for editing my video!B.Hess



Spencer Brown







When u start skateboarding and What got u into doing it ?


I started skating around 1999 – 2000. All of my homies from the neighborhood introduced me to it and Iv’e been addicted ever since



What was the video that got you hyped and you had to watch it before each shesh.


There are so many; Photosynthesis all the 411 videos and Daewong vs. Rodney Mullen round 2. The list could go on forever.



Whats your shred stick consist of ?


size 8 Lockdown board, M class silver trucks, Fkd bearings and 50mm Bones wheels



Whats the craziest encounter while out skating ?


Stabbings, shootings, junkies OD’ing on the side of the street. I am Baltimore born and raised and anyone that knows my city understands that these things happen on a regular basis.



Who or what team are you hyped on ?


Lockdown skateboards, Vu skateshop and TC ” The Crew” out there in Michigan.





Whats your ideal skate trip and who would u want on the trip?


I just recently went to Barcelona and it was one of the best experiences ive had on a skateboard. I have to get back there as soon as possible. China would be cool as hell. Im really motivated by being in the urban atmosphere. Its easy to feed off of that type of energy and the feeling of being able to skate from spot to spot is a huge part of the reason why I enjoy it so much. If I could get a crew together to go film and hit the streets it would be all my homies that i skate with on a regular basis and a filmer that’s down to put in that work.



Whats your go to trick that determines how the sesh goes?


I wouldn’t limit it to one specific trick but warming up with flat ground and the basic ledges tricks is essential for keeping my Sword sharp. I like to run through all the stances with each trick. So basically if I do lets say a hardflip, i want to get it reg, switch, nollie and fakie. Ill play a lot of games of skate and things of that nature to keep it fun.



Hubba girls or hooters girls?


shit.. Both! I dont discriminate ……Im trying to kick it, peep a calendar and eat some hot wings.



What is the best about skateboarding? Whats the worst?


The best part about skateboarding is that it brings people together that probably would of never met each other. Skateboarding defies all of societies bullshit stereotypes like race and class. I would say the worst part is how the general public views it.



Any shout outs or hate outs?


NO HATE! I want to shout out my family, anyone that has the heart to skate through these ice cold east coast winters, Vu skateshop , Lockdown skateboards, silver trucks, fkd bearings, Jslv , Bob over at Nike , Jason Maxwell , Gary smith, Brian Wenning, Monty, Bundy, Cody Cepeda and all my Michigan homies, everyone i skate with here in Bmore, Cali, Philly, NYC and anyone else i forgot to mention. Peace!  B.Hess





10qs – Ryan Connor





Name and where you from?

Ryan Connors from Claremont, CA but I live in Upland now


Years skating?

6 years minus a couple for 8 broken bones


What’s your set up consist of? 

Girl skateboard, Silver Trucks, FKD bearings, Ironhorse wheels, Robot-guts skate hardware


How did u get into skateboarding?

I was at one of my soccer games and one of the kids on my teams older brother brought his skateboard. I asked him if I could ride it and I never played soccer again


Favorite spot to skate?

Jkwon ledges in LA







Best thing about skateboarding?

Meeting new people


Worst trend in skateboarding?

Too many companies going out of business


Any good skate stories where your like what the fuck just happened?

On my way to the Girl warehouse to film my Team BK segment, we picked up the filmer and a friend in LA. We were waiting for them to get in the car and about five cop cars and ten cops pulled guns on us and had us get out of the car and put our hands on the wall. They thought our friend was some major robbery suspect. But they had the wrong dude and we were all freaked out. Definitely a WTF moment


Whats your goto trick at any spot?  

varial heel and 3 shuv


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

Shout out- Team BK, Silver, FKD, Fuel socks, Dizm eyewear, Robot-guts skatehardware, Erik Dirty Sandoval (my main filmer and editor), shout out to Kings Board shop and Herbert & Brian, Family and friends.

Hate outs- Naw- I dont hate.

Words of wisdom- Stay true to your homies and take your park tricks to the streets – B.Hess



Drew McKenzie





When u start skateboarding and What got u into doing it ?


I started skateboarding originally by having my dad tow me behind his bike on an old green and pink NASH skateboard that I had found. Growing up, my friends in South Carolina kept me stoked. Now I skate here in the City as frequently as possible.



What was the video that got you hyped and you had to watch it before each shesh.


PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horible Life.   The kid at the skate shop told me it would change my life, and it did.  Our upcoming video, Stuntin, will be pretty rad too, though.



Whats your shred stick consist of ?


Right now I am riding a Corpse Corps Boards coffin shaped deck (9.25 x 31.5”) with some Indy’s, Spitfire Classics, and Red Bones.



Drew 5



Whats the craziest encounter while out skating ?


Becoming tight with the Sk8land crew in Madrid and getting to skate and travel with them to the DC Training Facility. Positive dudes! 4 down 4 life. I’m thankful every time I meet skateboarders without egos.



Who or what team are you hyped on ?


The Welcome Skateboard gang seems to know how to keep skateboarding fun.



Whats your ideal skate trip and who would u want on the trip?


I really want to do a skate tour involving camping and concrete parks in the North West. Just a van full of my close friends, a bunch of skateboards, spray paint, fireworks,  beers and Dan Drehobl.



Drew 2



Whats your go to trick that determines how the shesh goes?


Always the first kickflip of the day.



Hubba girls or hooters girls?


Tattooed ones.



What’s the worst about skateboarding?





Drew 9



Any shout outs or hate outs?


Shout out to the rest of the team and contributing artists at Corpse Corps Boards and Bone Crusher Zine, Jordan Walczak for shooting these photos, Radlands Clothing and Only NY for keeping me fresh, Maternal in Indonesia for being so metal, Surf Rodz for these crazy cruiser trucks they just sent me, and all the skater-run skateboard shops that support small companies, local scenes, and their skate community.

Hate out to longboarders, the Man, mall grabbers, shocka bros, colored jeans, mongo, camel packs, bodega coffee, laundry, bikes on sidewalks, farmer’s tans, and trying too hard –  B.Hess



Adrian Mcelhaney






Where you living now? How long you been living there?  


San Diego. It’s where I was born and raised, been here pretty much all my life.



Tell us a little about the 30 day “Creepin’ for Life” USA premiere tour. What’s it like to be with Dave Davis & Chris Kays on the road.

So much goes on within ONE day with the Natural Koncept crew, let alone THIRTY days! Everyday was an adventure whether we were in the van, skateboarding the streets, or out on the town. The tour was around winter time so we didn’t always have the best weather. I really liked it because SD always has the same sunny weather. This tour was full of snow, rain storms, and a few sunny days. We were fortunate enough to skate all the dope indoor parks that each of the cities we stopped at had to offer. I love Davis and Kays! Two completely different dudes, but they both are awesome. Kays is smooth and more on the quiet side. He’s always down to have a good time and rips every single spot he skates whether it’s transition or street.  Davis on the other hand, has A LOT of energy! He’s the type of guy that within a few minutes after meeting him, you already feel like you’re good friends. He is always saying or doing something funny and likes people around him to have a good time. Not to mention he has an undeniable skill on the skateboard.



Your pro model is poppin’ off in the shops. Congrats on that. That Katch graphic is so sick. “Irish Voodoo”

Thanks a lot! It’s exciting having a pro model board out in the world. I’ve been getting some great feedback about the graphic that Katch created. Katch wanted my input on the graphic. Since I’m half Irish, I told him that I wanted to incorporate my Irish roots. I came up with the idea of having clovers, but I didn’t have any idea of how to use them. Katch thought that it might be too cheesy using clovers. After sending me a few sketches, I knew that it could work and that Katch was on the right track. We were both hyped on the finished product.








Who were some of your biggest influences skateboarding



When I first began skateboarding, my biggest influences were my brother and my friends that skated. I had a solid crew that I skated with everyday. As I got older, I started paying more attention to the skateboard magazines and videos. I really enjoyed watching guys like Andrew Reynolds, Stefan Janoski, Chad Muska, and many others.



What’s a day in the life like in SD?


Lots and lots of good Mexican Food.








SD has been good to you. You gonna miss the beach? the babes?

SD has been good to me. I love it here. The lifestyle here is pretty good, but it’s time for a change.  As far as babes go, my girlfriend is a super babe so I won’t be missing them. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll miss too much of San Diego besides my friends and family. SD is always the same and isn’t going anywhere. I know I’ll be back someday, but for now I have to move on and see what else is out there.



Heard you were moving to NYC. Is that true? You hyped? What’s your gameplan on the move?


Yeah, this is true. I’m moving out there with my girl. I can’t wait!! I am so hyped! I’ve wanted to live there for years now. My girl and I made a plan and are sticking to it. I’ve been to NYC at least four or five times now. Everytime I’m in the city, I love it. I have some good friends out there too which is a plus. My gameplan is to skate hard and as much as possible. We are moving in the winter so I may not be on the board as much as I would like, but that only lasts for a few months. NYC is amazing for skateboarding!  Other than that, looking forward to sightseeing, visiting new cities like Boston and D.C., networking, and enjoying the city.




Adrian - Kick Flip3




NK is doing a Mexico City tour early 2013. You stoked?

That’s going to be such a good trip. I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be my first time leaving the country with the NK team. I have three really good friends that live in Mexico City. It will be awesome to reconnect with those guys. I went on a Mexico City skate trip with a few friends back in 2010. There are so many skate spots there. NK will be able to get a lot done for the new video.



Sponsors. Who’s hookin’ you up? 

I’m getting hooked up from Osiris Shoes, IMKING Clothing, Route 44 Skate shop, Pull-In Underwear, Natural Koncept Skateboards, and YOYO Bearings. These companies have been so good to me for years now and I’m very grateful for their support.








Shout outs?


I’d like to give shout outs to all of my family, friends, and girlfriend for their support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and I appreciate you all.  Special thanks to Transworld Skateboarding and True Skateboard Mag for their support as well.  – JZ



Brett Sube





When did you start skating and who or why did you get into it?


Not sure the exact date! Christain Hosoi gave me my first board when I was like, two or three. I would roll around on my knees and go down this hill I had in front of my house all the time. Around six or seven is  when Christian showed me how to Ollie and 5050 red curbs! The next year he got me a classic Hosoi kicker ramp. That’s when I really fell in love with skateboarding.



What’s your go to trick when you first warm up the trick that says whether its gonna be a good shesh or not?


Ollie over a trash can standing straight up. If I don’t do it first try, my legs aren’t really feeling it! Hahahahaha



You ride for Stacks how did that come about?


Well one of my really good friends Sebo Walker hooked that one up!! Thanks Sebo!






What is your favorite skate trip you have gone on and was there total caos going on?


Every trip is kinda chaotic and super fun at the same time! But if I had to choose one, it would be the most recent trip to NYC. It was my first time there and I stayed at my buddy Danny Supa’s house. It’s a fucking concrete jungle man!! Painting and skating all day and night! Spots look sick on film and I like how it’s ruff as fuck, so its kinda challenging to skate a spot! Can’t wait to go back. There was a lil extra chaos on this trip though.. I went to jail for putting up a AutoBahn Wheel Co sticker by an undercover cop rolling around in a taxi! Shit sucked but I definitely feel like I got the whole NYC experience in one trip! Hardtimes but Goodtimes!!



Whats your set up?


Stacks Skateboard (Size 8), 50 mm Autobahn Side Cuts, Indy 139 Koston Hollows, Skate Sauce Grip Tape, Bone Swiss bearings and Diamond Hardware



Who do you think should be president should it be Sammy Baca or P-diddy?


Sammy Baca Fosho!






What is your daily routine?


Wake up 8:30 am, shit, shower, brush teeth. Take Mr. Hendrix on a morning skate. Check HellaClips, drop my girl off at work at 10am. Skate all day till around 7 or 8 pm then go home to chill and make dinner! Start right back over the next day.



The most annoying thing in skateboarding today?


Just random people and security guards negative attitudes towards skateboarding.



Who else do you ride for?


Stacks Skateboards, AutoBahn Wheels, Skate Sauce, Quintin Co, FootPrint Insoles, Rogue Status and DTA, Gracias LA, Spliff Allstars, Kush Pops.



How did you get on Skate Sauce?


I was skateboarding around Los Angeles with some of the sauce fam when I met Amrit, and it just went from there.



How does it feel to ride for Skate Sauce knowing there is some big names on there?


Its cool. Don’t really think about it like that.



You came out with a video part for Hard Times but Good Times, how do you feel about your part?


I was fucking hyped that I had a part! But I don’t really like watching myself skate that much.






What would be the idea shesh and who would you pick to be there skating with?


Just skating a good spot and having fun. I’ll skate with anyone! I’m all about positive vibes and having a good time.



Video your hyped on that you play before going skating?


Habitat Mosaic still gets me juiced to this day!



Hubba girls or hooters girls? Why?


Hubba Girls!! They show more ass and tits!! Most Hooter girls are busted anyways.



When filming do you get stressed out or do tricks just come easy for you?


Sometimes tricks come easy and sometimes they don’t! Yeah I get a little stressed from time to time! I try not to let it get to me



Whats next for the rest of 2012?


Skateboarding and Having Fun!!



Any shout outs words of wisdom?


Just would like to thank my family, friends and all my Sponsors; Stacks Skateboards, AutoBahn Wheels, Skate Sauce, Quintin Co, FootPrint Insoles, Rogue Status and DTA, Gracias LA, Spliff Allstars, Kush Pops and anyone who has helped me along the way! Happy Skateboarding! – B.Hess