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Its a great shop in San Antonio Texas , the owner Rob helps out the skate community , by providing a genuine shop,with the best brands and with mad cool service , skater owned ,knows business and skateboarding , and with a solid team of riders ,holding it down for Texas Skateboarding. Location:  San Antonio, Tx., 2 locations , 7863 Callaghan Rd. , and at Rolling Oaks Mall – CH



Willy Santos


Selfie of Willy Santos


Where are you from? Where have you grown up?

I am from Subic Bay, Olongapo, Philippines. My dad was in the US Navy so I was born on base. Once upon a time Subic Bay was a United States Naval Base. I’ve bounced back from Subic living on & off the base & San Diego to be exact Mira Mesa.


How did you get into skateboarding?

I didn’t get into skating until moving back from the Philippines going into the 5th grade at Ericson Elementary School. I saw some Junior/ High School kids doing boardslide on a doublesided curb at Ericson. I instantly thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen & they were having so much fun. I knew I want to do what they were doing. I was hooked when I eventually got a skateboard.


How is the skate scene in the Philippines differ from California?

Skating in the Philippines can be rough especially out in the raw streets. The ground can be terrible. You just got to search for what good, make it work & have fun. Also just like any other place your hoping to not get kicked out. More & more skaters in the Philippines are trying to get the help of the government but most cases the government is really backing it. So a lot of skaters are taking matters into there own hands & doing D.I.Y.’s It’s pretty rad!


Was your family always supportive of your decision to be a pro skater?

My parents & siblings have always been supportive. I remember may parents asking about maybe going into the medical field like a radiologist. I looked into it a little bit but when I graduated the very next day I went on a Birdhouse Tour for like a month across the United States. It honestly wasn’t a goal for me to turn it really just happened. I turned pro when I was 15 years old. I turned pro for Gordon & Smith (G&S aka &) The roster of legends that rode for G&S just to name a few were Henry Hester, Doug “Pineapple” Salidino, Billy Ruff, Neil Blender, Chris Miller, Steve Claar, the late Sean Miller & Blaze Blouin, Doug Smith, Mark Heinztman, Daune Pitre, & Rob Dyrdek.


What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

I can’t really pin point my greatest accomplishment but finish this video part this year has been a roller coaster. I’m glad it’s done & happy to move forward onto the next.


Willy Santos Nollie  Photo by June Saito


How many years have you been with Birdhouse?

I’ve been with Birdhouse since DAY ONE 1992… so 23 years.


At any time did you want to move onto something new?

Sure at sometime possibly but it’s safe to say they have always took care of me & supported my addiction to skateboarding.


When was the last time you had a part in a video and which was it?

DVD video… Willys Workshop “ Film This” & Birdhouse “The Beginning” that both came out in 2008 following that in 2011 I wrapped up a online part for my Pro 20 year anniversary that Satori Wheels spear headed. After that I’ve had just some online stuff here & there but not like an official video part.


What made you decide to take part of “connecting the dots”?

First off I knew that Birdhouse wasn’t going to be working on a team video for sometime.  I’ve been filming clips anyways so eventually as stuff piled up.  I figured I might as well release a new video part.  This was my first time working a solo-part.  A couple month ago some friends said you should set-up a premiere.  So I mentioned it to Arnette & they were into 100%.  Arnette & I had a meeting maybe a month in a half before we figured out the premiere date with THE RIDE CHANNEL.  What more can I say…  June 10th was GO TIME.  The last month in 1/2 I went out as much as I could & filmed to the very last weekend before the premiere.

I’ve done a handful of Street Fighter Arcade Tournaments/ Skate events with Arnette so going into it with the premiere was basically the same formula as we did previously but this time around it was all eyes on me.  I was really nervous & happy at the same time.  

Filming for this part I wanted to challenge myself with more lines…  Basically “Connecting The Dots” with lines out in the streets.  Filming in the streets especially can be treacherous like a jungle.  For example filming at spots were you are weaving in & out of streets where there’s cars, pedestrians & whatever can be difficult & frustrating.  You never know what will you face versus skating a somewhat controlled environment like a skatepark.  

My goal also for this part was to get fellow skaters hyped to go skate & have fun after watching it.  I wasn’t obviously trying to throw myself down some stairs.  I’m not trying to say that I’ve been there & done that either.  I respect all spectrums of skating.  As long as it’s done clean or ultimately your having a great time with your friends skating.  It’s all good in my book.  Stay tuned.  I will be coming out with more stuff.  To be continued…


How long did you work on your part for this video?

Basically on & off the past 2 years



Are you pleased with how it came out?

You can always want more & push yourself but like I said above. If you get hyped to go skate after watching my part. My mission has been accomplished.


You’ve been out of the spotlight for a minute, what have you been up to?

I’ve been always just skating in the spot light or not. I love skateboarding. As for the last 4 years for the my skateshop I would put in more hours to help keep it afloat. Eventually we had to throw in the towel with they way the economy was going. That was 12 year run with Willys Workshop as a skateshop. It was a bitter sweet ending that chapter.


When did you start Willly’s Workshop? And how is it going?

Willys Workshop started in 2000. Since we’ve closed the physical location it’s been a challenge. We are looking forward to doing rad fun things with the brand.


Do consider skateboarding an extreme sport?

It’s just a label. We are SKATEBOARDERS. There’s really no rules I guess until your competing.


You’ve had such a successful career, What do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t gone in to the skate industry?

I really have no idea… Perhaps a radiologist.


Besides skating what are some other things you enjoy doing?

I enjoy spending time with my family. My kids are young so I try to give them as much attention as possible between juggling things. So that includes skateboarding…


Willy Santos Familia Photo by Shalihe


What can we expect from you in the following months?

Just in the last 2 months in between wrapping up my video part. My longtime buddy developed a pre-mixture packet. I kid you not & it’s that simple… The directions are in our name… Just Add Beer Bread you can certainly looked up. Add your favor beer & in 45-50 minutes you’ve got a amazing tasty artisan loaf of fresh bread right out of the oven. I’ve been blessed to be THE Global Sales GUY. With the craft brewery explosion this product simply compliments the breweries. It’s really exciting. So I will be doing Global Sales with Just Add Beer Bread, expand on Willys Workshop & continue filming for whatever project comes up… maybe a Birdhouse video… or Willys Workshop in the future & so on. For you reader out there in the worldwide web if you are interested in carrying Just Add Beer Bread at your local brewery, Liquor Store etc. You can contact me at The instagram is JustAddBeerBread Oh & if your tripping on the alcohol with Just Add Beer Bread it actually get evaporated when it’s being baked in the oven. So it’s completely safe for all to enjoy & you get the flavors & aroma for your beer of choice.


Any words of wisdom for our readers?

Keep pushing & God bless!  – JD



10qs – Ian Jones


Ian Jones (1)


What made you decide to start skating?

At the time its what everyone i hung out with did and i already had some old, cheap ass walmart board so i didnt have to ask my parents for any kind of equipment. It seemed like something different and fun.


Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

Yeah, my first real skateboard my mom bought it for me it was a green Element board.


Who has been the most influential skater for you?

probably Theotis Beasley, that fool is so good, got the freshest clothes and has a good ass style. Always has a smile on his face because he just loves to skate.


What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

multiple ankle sprains, nothing really more i mean hit my head sometimes but dont think it knocked anything loose ha.


Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

probably the first time i got to skate in RedBull Triple set contest just beacuse its so hype, and everybody be flowin off each other and its just hella fun times. It shows what skating is all about, just skating with the homies.



How fast do you go through shoes?

probably not as fast as other people just because i skate thicker shoes like Nike Sb Dunks, and Blazers and I use shoe goo to make them last longer, so I would say like a little over a month. I just hate fuckin up shoes because im kinda a sneakerhead ha, it takes me forever just to pick out what shoes i want to skate next just because i try to keep them all fresh or they cost me hella money.


What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

Ha 30 mins, set one up at the skateshop (route 44) and went to go break it in at memo park and it snapped on a wack ass hardflip. My fatass ha.


What is your favorite spot to skate?

probably just skating flatground downtown San Diego, down by the boat docks and the Hilton Hotel there is like a hella long stretch of flatground and ill just go there and skate for hours up and down it never gets old.
What do you think about the skating scene today?

I love how big skating is getting i just think its getting big for some of the wrong reasons, like all these wack ass rappers n shit tryna skate n shit now and i feel like the style is gettin kinda trendy. I always see fools wearin skate shoes like janoskis and emericas or like lakais but they play like basketball n shit dont even fuck with skating but we definately on the comeup.


Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

Ha hell yeah all the time most of the time ill try to start a long ass debate and they always try to say like theres no money in skating and bullshit like that and how they would be more satisfied with a lame ass deck job, but then other times i just let it go n say “to each their own” n keep it pushin. Skating is what i rep so fuck it ha. – JD



10qs – Jesten Vick


Jesten Vick



What made you decide to start skating?

My uncle (nolan lee) gave me a board when i was 5, i idnt know anything about it but i started watching videos at age 10 and got really into it, my uncle started @pow!!skateboards 4 years ago and i decided to start trying to skate because it seemed really fun!


Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

I don’t remember the deck company but the trucks were krux. my uncle gave it to me for either christmas or my birthday.


Who has been the most influential skater for you?

nolan lee and jimmy lannon. I have grown up skating gainesville florida with jimmy!


What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

In 2014 on my sisters 18th birthday, i was skating a ditch spot by my house before my family went to dinner, i hit a pile of dirt and flew into the drainedge and hit my head, the back of my head was split open. i never went to the hostpital, i went to dinner instead. a few months ago i was having bad anxiety attacks from that fall so i went to the hostpital and got a ct scan, they said im fine and now i feel better about it. all thats left from it is a dent.


Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

my friend Alex recently had a video called SWAMPASS come out, i had a 4 minute part in that video. The premier was super fun!



How fast do you go through shoes?

shoes normally last me about a month/ month and a half. i skate really slim tight shoes. my favorite are the emerica romero’s.


What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

boards last me 1-2 weeks street skating. when filming for swampass I had a board for 6 days because a brick wall spot that i wallied destroyed my nose and tail. i got the clip though!


What is your favorite spot to skate?

in the end of my 2015 nyc part there was a out ledge that i noseslide bigspin down, that ledge is probably my favorite spot. its in battery park where you take a fairy to see the statue of liberty.


What do you think about the skating scene today?

the skate scene in gainesville florida is pretty small, there are a few companys here that just started up. i like the skate scene in new york, my uncle lives up there and i go to visit all the time. new york is the best place in my opinion.


Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

teachers at my school have told me that, i instantly reply to them ” its not the skating that has a bad reputation, the kids who do all the drugs and destroy everything give it a bad reputation.” – JD



Adelmo JR.


Skater Adelmo JR  photographer Ramon Ribeiro 4


What inspired you to begin skating?

In the beginning friendship and the passion I used to notice when People skated.


How old were you when you got your first skateboard?

I was 9. And got it from my family as I wheel cart hahaha. At that time in Brasil we used to build some wheel carts with bearings and wood so Inthought this was a modern one and asked My dad.


When did you decide you wanted to become a pro skater?

It happened naturally. Never really thought about it. Just started traveling with friends and skating everyday and some sponsors came and more trips started happening and years passed and one day I had the opportunity to go to Eruope for the first time and the Brasilian company Inised to skate for decided that I should turn pro so it was a good surprise.


What were some of the challenges you faced to accomplish this dream?

Just coming from a small city in Bradil people didn’t really know that we had a good scene going on in my home town but mags and videos never really opened up doors to it until a friend of mine became pro and this was very important to all that region because little by little people started to go there more and see good skaters and photos started to come out and videos. It was for everyone who came from that area but as we had more coverage a lot of doors opened.


 Skater Adelmo JR  Pop Shuz photographer Ramon Ribeiro 2


How was your life like born and raised in Brazil?

Brasil is a beautiful country the vibe of the people is so nice. Even when they are suffering they find a way to smile so you learn a lot how to face tribulation in life, it’s a good lesson growing up.


When you aren’t skating what are other things do you do?

Growing up back home when I was not skating I was always surfing and playing futebol so I still try to do those things when I can but usually trying to read everyday and learn more and hold the vibes with InI family cooking, sharing love and respect.


Are you letting your dreads grow out again?

Yes My Brother.


What are some of the things you love about the U.S that you can’t get in Brazil or vice versa?

The US is very organized. This is something that I noticed since the first day I moved here. Vegan Restaurants allover. But I miss Brasil and the culture everyday, that’s where I come from and am used to but both places have the pros and cons.


Skater Adelmo JR  photographer Ramon Ribeiro 3


What makes you happy and what are you most grateful for?

I Give Thanks for the Opportunity of Life day and night and everything makes me happy, Love, Respect, togetherness. Things that make I understand where we come from and where we are going to.


You seem like such a positive and optimistic person what advice can you give to people to be more like that?

Just to look around, give thanks for simplicity, try to read and understand simple things that are so natural and Beautiful and positive. We live in a world of pollution of so many things but we are able to find balance in life everyday, it’s just up to us.  – JD