Venndk8 Clothing Review


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Venndk8 Clothing is a clothing company from Florida that embraces the action sports lifestyle. The company started up in 2010 and has been growing ever since. They hope to grow their business by adding new members to their team and expanding the product they carry. Currently Venndk8 makes clothing, skate and longboard decks, and hopes to eventually carry grip tape, trucks, and wheels, as well as expanding the ladies line of clothing. The shirts are light and flexible,  perfect for skating, as well as have simple designs.

Jonah Bissell came through with a quick clip wearing the “Philly Tee”, check it out HERE.

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Matix Product Review


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Have you ever bought clothes from Gap, Old Navy, and any other clothes store in the mall. Don’t they fit or the style is whack cause that is how they feel and look to me. When I buy a pair of Old Navy jeans they fit weird but for a example: Matix just dropped their spring 2013 line ( Gripper Twill shorts, Lomax Button up, Helloha Tee, and a High ‘ N Dry Snapback ) and let me tell you they fit perfect and look very clean. My opinion  is that skateboard brands get us but non skateboards brands don’t. Its just funny how the fashion world tries to copy our swag. I mean we set the trend in the fashion world eyes.  The next time your out and about watch what the fashion world puts out cause you will get a little laugh out of it. – t.zam





Lame Brotherhood Clothing Review





Lame Brotherhood Clothing is a skater owned and operated company from Cleveland, Ohio. The owner, being an African American skateboarder during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, was called every name in the book by people in his neighborhood, and “Lame” happened to be one of them. The “Brotherhood” is a group of the owner’s close friends whom are like brothers to him. Their logo, called the Hallu, which is short for hallucination, represents creativity and nurturing your dreams into reality.

Lame Brotherhood Clothing sent some product for our review. The product is top quality, comfortable, and has great designs. The crewneck sweatshirt is perfect for Fall and Spring skating while the tee shirt is very light and easy to move in, which is great for those hot summer days. Since they are a skater owned company, they know what skateboarders look for within their clothing, and LB nailed it.

They’re looking forward to putting out a full length video featuring their team riders. The team has some heavy hitters including Amani Newring, Justin Laganson, Isaiah Johnson, and Mike Freiberg. They plan on dropping the video during the Fall 2013.

Check out some of their footage:

Justin Laganson for Lame Brotherhood

Lame at Skate Kitchen Jam


For more on Lame Brotherhood Clothing, visit Halluworld or

EDS Apparel Review


EDS Apparel, also known as Enlightened Design Syndicate, is an up and coming clothing company out of Vermont. They are all about supporting individuals to follow their dreams. Having skated in their Bonsai Tree tee shirt several times, I can say that EDS takes pride in their product. This tee is a very comfortable, long lasting material with a unique design. Since they are an up and coming company, they look forward to putting together a solid skate team to go with their solid product. If you’re looking for hats, tees, or hoodies, EDS Apparel has you covered!

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HUF Product Review




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Joey Pepper is one of the most underrated skateboarder. He is known as the “Beast of the East” by his powerful skateboarding on the streets. Joey has rode for some of the best companies out-there ( Element, Aesthetics, Elwood, and Zoo York ).  He has had a great year so far  riding for Expedition, Bones Swiss Bearings, Imperial Motion, and dropping the most recent video part being “REMIX” part from Expedition.  Only thing that has been missing in Joey’s skateboard life is someone giving him his own shoe. Spring 2013, HUF Footwear answered Joey’s dream by giving him his first pro shoe “The Pepper Pro”. Grads Joey cause you deserve it! – T.Zam




Perfect Blue Review



True filmer James Harris just dropped his newest video Perfect Blue that features “Dave Wallace ( who will be in the new True video “Truth Hurts” dropping summer 2013 ), Jed Cullen, Jason Lewer, Ollie Lock, Ash Hall, Josh Arnott, Channon Wallace, Jimmy Hart, Jess Young, Andy Coleman, Ryan Chamberlain and Phil Parker” it’s getting a real good buzz over in the UK and everywhere else. Pixels TV and Sidewalk Mag did a little review on “Perfect Blue”, make sure you grab yourself a copy or make sure your local skateshop has the most talked about video



Lockdown Product Review


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With the big East Coast blizzard and the West Coast getting cold days. In the south, we don’t know about cold days. Our winter last for one day, maybe a week but its not cold enough to wear  a heavy jacket, 2 pair of socks, 6 shirts, sweatpants over a pair of jeans. I will say when it does drop below 50 degrees, the Lockdown hoodie has keep my ass warm on those days zam