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SurplusSkate is a Disturbition for Mystery, F.S.C., & Theeve Trucks. We got a chance to check-out some of their hotest items for Spring 2016. Make sure you grab them at your local skate shop  www.surplusskate.com





Mystery dropped a 10 year anniversary board for Dan Murphy to welcome him back to Mystery . The graphic is an updated version of Murphy very first Mystery board 10 years ago when his dog Indy was just a puppy, this board now features an older looking Indy
Mystery welcomes Sierra Fellers with a board featuring his kitten, hopefully in 10 years to Mystery can reissue the board with an old wise cat http://www.mysteryskateboards.com/



F.S.C Boards:



F.S.C.  did a collaboration boards with themountain, it’s a badass t-shirt company (check out www.themountain.com ), there is also two matching tees with these boards which will be available soon.



Theeeve Trucks:



Tiax Raw:  is the first truck to be released with a titanium axle, since Theeve released it in 2007, they had other truck companies copy this truck and release their own titanium axle trucks. Theeve feels honoured that the bigger truck companies felt the need to copy them
Jake Duncombe Pro Csx trucks:  these trucks are your standard level trucks yet feature the added bonus of a hollow steel kingpin and bass as graphic supporting Jake Duncombe. http://www.theevetrucks.com/    – TZ