Perfect Blue Review



True filmer James Harris just dropped his newest video Perfect Blue that features “Dave Wallace ( who will be in the new True video “Truth Hurts” dropping summer 2013 ), Jed Cullen, Jason Lewer, Ollie Lock, Ash Hall, Josh Arnott, Channon Wallace, Jimmy Hart, Jess Young, Andy Coleman, Ryan Chamberlain and Phil Parker” it’s getting a real good buzz over in the UK and everywhere else. Pixels TV and Sidewalk Mag did a little review on “Perfect Blue”, make sure you grab yourself a copy or make sure your local skateshop has the most talked about video



Lockdown Product Review


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With the big East Coast blizzard and the West Coast getting cold days. In the south, we don’t know about cold days. Our winter last for one day, maybe a week but its not cold enough to wear  a heavy jacket, 2 pair of socks, 6 shirts, sweatpants over a pair of jeans. I will say when it does drop below 50 degrees, the Lockdown hoodie has keep my ass warm on those days zam