Spring Apparel / Footwear 14′ Review


Spring time is the best time cause that’s when  time moves foward, and companies dropped their fresh line of footwear / appreal for their customers.  We got a chance to check-out some of the fresh gear  for Spring.


Hobie Polarized:


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You think of Hobie, what comes to your mind? Well Hobie, has designed and manufactured polarized sunglasses that filter out glare and transmit only the light you need, providing increased visual clarity and reduced eyestrain. They also have a friendly lifetime warranty for the ones that loose or destroy your glasses. Im sold! – TZ



We Are But Threads:


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Just a few words to subscribe this brand “Limited edition, independent, underground t-shirts for warriors” – TZ







Sanuk dropped a chill shoe called the “Donny”. It’s super soft, high rebound, molded EVA footbed featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial additive. It was made for the feet that took that beating from jumping down Hollywood High.




The name of this flip flop is Beer Cozy ( fresh brew colors straight from the tap ) and the footbed is made from real yoga mat. If you want to say “Thank You” to your feet just get one of  these Sanuk – TZ



Polar Apparel:


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Polar Apparel is a new clothes company coming out of So. Cali. They have some fresh gear like “The Warrior, Polar Sweatshirt, Dollar Tank, and much more”. Keep your eyes out for this brand cause its on the rise – TZ



Lakai Footwear:


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Well you cann’t say much about Lakai cause its the “The Shoes We Skate”. If you never put a pair of Lakai’s on your feet then your lost. They have dropped a clean Spring line: Camby: Tour Pack, Linden, and bunch of new color ways for your favorite pair of Lakai’s. Just remember “Support Skater Owned Brands” – TZ





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Every season Matix steps it up with their team & products. I mean Daewon Song won the 2UP manual contest at The Berrics early this week. For Spring 14, they have came out with a clean line:  Compton Short, Checker Stripe Knit Top, Company Hat and much more fresh gear. Matix is here for good – TZ




Fall 2014 Product Review


In Jan., we took a trip over to Orlando, Fl. for the Surf Expo to see the new Fall 2014 line. Yes, we did some parting, meet up with homies, and etc. Want to say “Thank You” to the brands that we meet up with and allowed us to do this review on your hot selling items for Fall 2014, Enjoy!







“You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon? … It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.”Thats right fellow nerds! Get your tax money ready to make an investment and center piece for your game room. Special Edition Star Wars boards from Santa Cruz = Back to ramen noodles. Each Board, in the toy like blister packaging, has a laser etched number with a matching certificate of authenticity and a poster you can also get them with standard shrink wrap if you plan on using the force next time you skating with one of these, check out to get all the details.






Your feet need a break, unless you’re wearing Sanuk footwear. Your feet will think they’re getting hugged every step you take. The sandals all share the same super soft insole, your feet will always feel like they’re being hugged weather your wearing flip-flops or New line of Vulcanized shoes.






When you look good you feel good, everyone knows that feeling. when you feel good your more likely to have ladies wanting to give you a hug.When you wear Brixton you will also have anyone that hugs you telling you that you feel good. So when everyone is hugging and feeling good everyone wins.So it’s your duty to make the world happy. The new line from Brixton has that timeless look and super high quality construction.





IVI eyewear-

Collaborations make the best things better, like Ice cream and apple pie or a stripper and a pole. so you know when Huff teams up with IVI it’s gonna be like eating apple pie alla mode while getting a lap dance. if you can think of something better I’d love you hear you attpemt.



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Black Flys-

Razor sharp design. I think any stylist or knife fighter will appreciate these. Super slick design with the straight razor arms and dipped in gold for extra boss status.






The new Independent collab bag are about to be dropped… literally. depending on how much stuff you have to drop, depends on which bag you need, that is an independent decision you will have to make on your own, Dakine has you (your stuff) covered. The high quality construction you expect coupled with exclusive Indie trucks branded bags.






all were trying to do is just live right? well… Style is a must too, so when you just want style while you live, shred, relax or do what it is you do with JSLV threads.  - D. Shredian




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Wellborn Clothing Review


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Wellborn Clothing is a 100% independently owned and operated by skaters. They do this for the love cause they are skateboarders. This why we  should support local owned skateboard brands cause they keep skateboarding alive. -TZ


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Body Glove Surge Review


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There is a lot of energy drinks out-there that say they give you ever lasting energy. In reality, they don’t do shit for you but give you a sugar rush for a good 5 min. Your thinking what makes Body Glove Surge different than any of these other energy drink. Lets see, its all natural, no chemicals, it increase alertness, it extends endurance, speeds reaction time and most of all its a long-lasting energy. Don’t believe me, try one for yourself – TZ


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Bones Swiss Bearings Review


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Back in the 1980′s, there was no good quality bearings for skateboarding. There was nothing but German bearings but they weren’t something to write about.  Then the bearing  gods answered every skaters wishes by creating bearings that is  faster than any we had ever rode before and they was called “Bones Swiss Bearings” – TZ