Fall “14 Review Part 2

With fall in the air and the leaves are changing on the trees. Your favorite skate brands are dropping some of the freshest gear for you this fall. In this part 2 of the Fall ’14 review, we got a chance to check out some of the Fall gear that some of your favorite brands are dropping at your local skate shop.


Skate Sauce:


Photo (22)



Skate Sauce is known for the best skate wax  in the skateboard world. It has help us make sure our rails, curbs, and  ledges are lubbed up and ready for us to dance with our tricks.  Skate Sauce has now dropped a few new things this Fall apparel line with some clean & basic graphics. What I’m going to talk is their newest things its “Skate Sauce Grip”. I have tried out a bunch of griptape companies, I will say this my favorite grip to put under my feet cause its very grippy and it helps flick your tricks better. If you don’t believe me, you ask thier teamriders “Tom Penny, Wes Kremer,Marc Johnson and much more….



Pig Wheels:




Pig Wheels released some new Pro Wheels “Dan Lu, Johnny Layton, Leo Romero, Anthony Shultz, and Daniel Lutheran” this Fall. They also dropped some new speedlines, logo wheels and much more to this fall. I tried out some new Pig Pro Wheels, I will have to say they are on point with the shredding on the street & skate parks



One Love Skateboard:


Photo (23)


One Love Skateboard is a new brand out of SF area and they have a solid team “Jason Wussler, Larry Redmon, Fernando Soares, Willie Hoag, John Jackson and Zach Seher”. One Love released  new products for the Fall ’14 “Jason Wussler new pro boards, Redmon new pro boards, and much more….. Be on the look-out for the full-length video dropping 2015. At True Skateboard Mag, we are very big about supporting skater-owned brands. Make sure your local skate shop picks them up.



HUF Foowtear & Apparel: 




HUF has dropped new color way and new footwear  for Fall, they dropped a new color way of  Hufnagel 2  ( as shown above ),  The Dylan, Ramondetta, and Pepper. they brought back the Classic Hi & LO, and plus you go tot throw in your collection of shoes the “HUF x Wu-tang edition”. 




HUF dropped a clean fall line of apparel,  Fulton Chino Pant in some sick color ( shown above ), Dip Dye Pullover ( Shown above ), Classic H Zip-Up ( Shown above ), Shadow Plaid L/S Woven ( Shown above ), and  a 10k tee ( shown above ). HUF dropped the new footwear & apparel in your local skate shop, go grab them so you can look pretty fresh on the streets or clubs. 







Spitfire has released some new Formula Four “2 Duros ( 99 & 101 ) * 4 Shapes ( Conical/Conical Full & Classic / Classic Full ) * 14 Sizes ( 50 – 60MM ). The difference with the Conical  ( is quick response and less weight ) & the Conical Full ( unmatched control and lasting speed everywhere ). The defference with the Classic ( #1 Shape in Skateboarding, Speed, and Control ) & Classic Full ( lasting speed & more controllable speed ). If you skate parks you would want ride the 101 and if u shred the streets you want to ride the 99. So hit your local skate shop so you can “Burn Four-Ever”



Preservation Skateboard:


photo (21)


Preservation Skateboard is a strong company coming out of New Orleans. They built a soild team “Charlie Thomas, Mikey Chim, Sean Guillary, and Justin Higgins” Preservation dropped some new product for Fall, New Charlie Thomas Pro Board, The Yellow King Series, and new team boards ( shown above ). This a brand that is on a rise, you want to make sure your local skate shop supports skater-owned companies









Imagine using the new Eazy Handle S-E with your DSLR camera …the longer rods and extension spacers allow for more camera sizes.  The wider set, multi-positional rods allow for eazier playback viewing. The narrow bottom plate offers a generic battery door accessibility and allows for low ground clearance. The addition of the pivot plate along with the multi-positional hand grip gives you the flexibility you have been missing – THE NEW EAZY HANDLE S-E allows you a way to balance and position your camera to enhance your filming abilities and make it a very personal filming experience.


The Benefits of the Eazy Handle S-E is:

HAND GRIP – multi-positional left to right, can be mounted front to back or back to front, or remove it completely and hold it with the rods – stable and ergonomic and INCLUDES a built in cold shoe

TOP MOUNT COLD SHOE – 10″ for added accessories

PIVOT PLATE – an included accessory that allows for an endless variety of camera positions

LONGER RODS WITH EXTENSION SPACERS – included to fit more camera sizes

LARGER BACK OPENING – allows for eazier playback viewing

TWO ADJUSTABLE ROD POSITIONS – gives you flexibility to allow for personal filming preferences

NARROW BOTTOM PLATE – allows for low ground clearance while filming

QUALITY BUILT – designed and manufactured by a trusted company since 2008 in the USA



10″ x 7 3/8″ x 7″ with hand grip (W x H x D)

Weight: 2 lbs.

Weight: 3 oz. pivot plate

Aluminium handle with foam grip and built in cold shoe

Bottom plate with two 1/4-20 taps

10″ aluminium cold shoe for added mics, lights and monitors

Pivot plate – multi-positional plate – move your camera front to back, side to side plus three 1/4-20 taps

Bottom plate with generic battery door accessibility  – will accommodate some battery doors (diagram available)

Universal allen key included – only one tool is needed

Manufactured from aluminium with a black powder coat finish makes it durable and stylish


Man I remember filming with a Dinosaur camera that takes VCR tapes. Its crazy how technology has change over the years and seeing the quality of filming has got alot better.  Think about it, you can now film & take photos with a Cannon that has HD and get this lightweight Eazy Handle S-E for about $225.00. Better off you can use your smart phone and a handle to do your filming. Shit just blows my mind – TEZ

Photo (19)

Ollo Clip Review


Photo (19)


Olloclip surprise me all the time with all the new stuff they are doing for us to make a amazing photos of skateboarding,  nature, or whatever we want to take with our smart phones. olloclip joined up with Mouse Grip to do some limited edition griptape, you can get a 4-in-1 photo lens + quick flip case all in one package, grab yourself a Telephoto Lens and  Circular Polarizing Lens, The Telephoto Lens is for excellent for taking detailed portrait shots and the CPL let you adjust the degree of Polarization and to everyone that cried about not having a iPhone,. Why don’t they make one for Galaxy S5 & S4? Well your prayers have been answered, be on the look-out for it Mid-September – TEZ









Let me give you a little history here. In 1990, there was this person name “Alphonzo Rawls” that was born into the skateboard world by dropping some amazing video parts in H-Street, XYZ Clothing, Duffs, and Expedition. Then he went from there to design shoes for Kastel, DC, Vox and etc.  Now Alph, started doing funny things with images of famous people head and putting them on skater bodies doing tricks and then post them on the social sites. Alph scratch his head and was like, why I don’t do t-shirts and make them exclusive to skate shops only. Now, you can go to your local skate shop and pick up a tee with 2Pac doing a stalefish out of a bowl. Thats Dope!!!!!!!!! – T.Zam