Bones Bearings Product Review




As we all know that all Bones products are the best in the industry. If you can think of anything company that beats out Bones products, please let me know and I’ll by you a shot. Bones dropped some new products this spring that will keep you looking fresh in the streets.


Nectar Product Review



With Spring in the air, whats good with-out some sunglasses. Nectar dropped a new line called “Sunnies” they have a Lightweight frame specifically designed for maximum comfort, Flexible thermoplastic memory frame, 100% UV Protection and most imporant they reduce blinding eyestrain off water and snow.  Grab yourself a pair of Clutch or any other sunnies and enjoy your Spring/Summer.


Spring 15′ Product Review


It looks like Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow and that means 6 more weeks of winter. That doesn’t mean crap to the skateboard industry cause they are putting out of some of their best products for Spring. Over at True, we got a chance to check out some of the product and this is what we think of it:


Cosmos Creations:




In 2004 in the kitchen of a culinary artisan. After quickly becoming a local sensation, it went from the kitchen to a 5,000 square foot facility, producing over a dozen varieties of the unique caramel treat and gaining distribution across the state of Oregon. Cosmos has flavors from Salted Caramel, Sea Salt & Butter, Cracked Pepper and much more but they also have ingredients you can pronounce.  If your going on a long road trip to escape the weather your in, make sure you have a bag of Cosmos Creations with you.



Habitat Skateboards:




With Habitat making a big move to San Diego and joining forces with Tum Yeto to distribute their products. They still kept the same team and turn some of their top Ams to the pro ranks like Alex Davis & Marius Syvanen. I have never shred on a Habitat board before and I heard nothing but good things for example: You will never lose your pop and they last for a long time. I got my hands on one and I will have to say they were right.



Lakai Footwear:



Lakai has dropped a solid line of Spring 15′ shoes for your feet pleasure. Your all ready drooling over what you see in the pic above. My feet are having such a pleasure with the: “GuyMar, Parker, and the Owen,  Which one are you going to get for your feet?



5-50 Wheels:



5-50 Wheels is a new company out of Philly, they have built a solid team “Kevin Taylor, Furby, Ron Deily, Bruno Aguero, Jason Klotz, Bryan Leddy, Sean Cochrane, Rasta Lou, Seb Housset, Austin Sierra, Alejandro Batista, Jahmir Brown, and Joseph Gil”. They use the best urethane that some of the big name wheel companies use. This is a wheel company that is on the rise from the East Coast.






olloclip is a photo lens that stays on top of technology of smart phones. They just dropped a new 4 – IN – 1 for your iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+. It still has the Fisheye / Marco 15x & Wide-Angle / Marco 10x, its design to work on both front and rear – facing camera ( selfie ),  and you can  now share it and wear it with 3 color pendants. Now, your photos have gotten better and you don’t have to worry about losing your olloclip.



HUF Footwear:

HUF came out with some heavy hitters for Spring ’15 with a collection with Todd Francis, a solid spring apparel and footwear, a new colorway for the Dylan, brought back the Sutters with some styling colors, and a new color way for the Classic Lo. I will say you will be styling for your Spring Break 15′.





Spring 2015 Apparel and Footwear Delivery one:

unnamed (1)


Dylan in Black/Croc:

unnamed (2)




unnamed (3)



Classic Lo


unnamed (4)



Surplus Distribution:


FullSizeRender (24)

Surplus Skate is the home of Theeve Trucks, Hype Skateboard, Mystery, Ramshakle, and F.S.C. they are brands that are on the upcoming this Spring. Theeve trucks: just picked up Nick Trapasso and building a solid team as we know it, Hype Skateboard: has always focus on young bucks that are coming up in the skateboard world, Mystery: move to a new home after Black Box shut the doors and they will be announcing the team very soon and I’m excited to see who they pick up, Ramshakle: Sierra Fellers is working on a video and continuing to build the team, and F.S.C ( Fun Skateboard Company ): is a new board company based on the idea of fun and trying to bring some fun back into the industry. They believe that so many companies and so many people have forgotten that we all started skating because it was fun and we need to continue to make it fun!





Matix focus for this spring is “Secondhand Exposure” by doing that they can came out with some fun products like the Jameson Woven & Tank Floral / Badges,  OSA Sock, Trucker, Hat, & Boardshorts,  fun socks like the Monolin, Lowlands, & Tiles for your comfort, and the Welder Boardshorts that are not like any other boardshorts out there. As we all know Matix makes the best jeans and fits in the industry but what even makes them the best  is the “Lifetime Guarantee” that they have on their jeans. Matix is your quick stop for a fun Spring Break!!!!





DLXSF sent us over few of their hot products for Spring 15′. Krooked: dropped a new series called “ComBuro” with all of their riders. Its a good collection to have on your wall that is if you need a board bad, Thunder Trucks: Thunder dropped a new team truck that is proven lightning quick response, lightweight design & unmatched levels of control and strength, Spitfire: Spitfire has released some new Formula Four pro wheels for Spring: Raven White / Swirl Classic, Marc Johnson Spitfire Roasters, Anthony Van Engelen White / Black Lockin Shape, and much more.. Spitfire wants to make sure your keeping the streets lit while shredding.


C1RCA Footwear:



C1RCA has came along away with so much walls in their path in the last few years but they have over came them with a strong Spring 15′ line. They keep some old riders ( Adrian Lopez, Windsor James, and David Gravette ) but rebuilt it with some new riders like: Jimmy Carlin, Robbie Brockel, Blue Turner, Jack Olson, Ryan Reyes, & Taylor Kirby.  For Spring they dropped a Jimmy Carlin pro shoe that is pretty clean. Also in the Spring 15′ line they released some new colorways in some classic shoes that you will be stoke to rock this Spring Break. C1RCA is on a rise!!!!


Knowgood Hardware:



Knowgood Hardware doesn’t  follow trends, and offer no gimmicks. They are just straight up engineered skateboard hardware.​ Knowgood Hardware guarantee no more splintering, no more pressure cracks, and hardware that sits flush.  I guess you got to try them out yourself.!/c1kia



Gold Goons Premiere


FullSizeRender (20)



On July 11th 2015, at the La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, Ca. the new Gold Wheels video premiered “GOONS”.  I remember watching the first Gold video back in Fl, at a homies skate shop called “Disorder” that was located on St. Pete Beach and my mind was blown than.  Once I heard  that Gold is dropping their second video and premiering  it the next day in Encinitas. I was stoke, I went to the premiere with a open mind. I will say Gold did it again,  It blew my mind away.  I was stoke to see Schmatty Chaffin have the opener cause he deserved it. With having a huge team, I liked how they gave everyone a montage and giving the shop flow kids a clip in the video casue I was hyped on that. The parts that stood out in my mind and was hyped on is “Rodrigo TX  & Chris Troy”. Those dudes killed it. Hit your local skate shop up or iTunes cause this is a video you must have in your skateboard collection. - TEZ



Holiday “14 Product Review


Tis the season, its one of the biggest holidays of the year cause we do the shopping all year long. Sometime we find that gift we bought back in February for Xmas and give it as a birthday present or etc.   Your  favorite brands show their upcoming line at the Agenda & Surf Expo, we get to see it before it hits the skate shops. These our the brands that are hot right now  for the holiday and you want to start making your list for Santa, now!!!!



Body Glove Surge:




 Body Glove is known for making clothes & wet suits. In 2014, they made a all natural energy shot called “SURGE”.  No worries mom there isn’t any Rum in it but that does sound good. The Surge has no artificial flavor or no caffeine in these energy shots. If you got to put up the tree, Xmas Lights, or just got to do some late night Xmas shopping.  Take  a SURGE cause you’ll get that natural energy and you won’t feel like shit.





 Frosty Headwear:




Frosty Headwear is a new brand that put their focus on hats and beanies.  For example in the picture its a “Floral  ‘Most Stay Frosty’ Snapback and a “Light Blue ‘Snowman” 5 Panel” They built a solid skateboard & snowboard team “alex nolan, ave perry, casey pflipsen, colton balentine, jesse graham, josh boise, sam silverness and sean snow”.  Frosty Headwear  is on the rise!!!!!!!





Swimmer by BOOM:




SWIMMER is a ultimate music playing accessory, offering durability, versatility and usability, never seen before in a speaker. This little thing is waterproof, Yes a bluetooth speaker that is 100% waterproof and has a flexible tail  & a suction cup attachment. So if your one of those people that love to sing your favorite song in the shower. Now, you can suction your 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker to your shower wall and play your favorite song while cleaning yourself. It only retails for $59.95 at:









ORGANIKA is started by Karl Watson and its under the Kayo Corp umbrella. They have built a solid team “Eli Reed, Josh Matthews, Quim Cardona, and Walker Ryan” that are destroying the streets. I sat down with Karl  in Tampa, and he told me he wants to put more focus on the ORGANIKA apparel cause its a brand that everyone can wear on a daily basis.  For the holiday Karl dropped some khaki pants and some cleam tees to rock during the Xmas festivites





Nixon “The Mini Blaster”:




Nixon “The Mini Blaster” bumps full size sound out of a water, shock and sand resistant body. Built tough to go anywhere in the world with you.  You can listen to music and make calls without wires,  6-8hrs of  battery life and it comes in 8 different colors.








For this holiday, MATIX came out with some cool products: Beer socks tees and beanie, MJ Mechanics Jacket & Chino Pant, and Cheville “Flannel” shirt.  This is something I have never heard of in the 29yrs of skateboarding.  Matix has a Lifetime Guarantee it covers specifically manufacturing defects in regards to buttons, rivets, zippers, belt loops or seams. MATIX products are covered under warranty, to the original owner for the lifetime of the product. Basically, if your 50 yrs old & you have a pair of Matix jeans that you bought when you was 21yrs old. They are all screwed up with seams and belt loop broke from jumping down El Toro. You can get a brand new pair of MATIX jeans with their “LIFETIME GUARANTEE”. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!




 HUF Footwear & Apparel:


unnamed (1)



HUF dropped a small Holiday line for 2014, They dropped some hoodies like in the photo “Drink up Zip Up” and shoes like in  the photo “Classic Lo // Faded Steel.   If your looking for a special gift or your on a budget this XmAS. HUF has a Holiday Gift Guide for you  but make sure you grab yourself the  Butterfly Bottle Opener for your stocking stuffer.




 Skatepark of Tampa:




Skatepark of Tampa has new holiday products for your pleasure. Make sure you grab the Skatepark of Tampa Hot Spot Tee, and the Skatepark of Tampa Heads Deck for your wall collection.  Plus, Skatepark of Tampa has 100’s of  your favorite brands with just click and with free shipping.