Brad Rosado


Brad Rosado ( DGK TM )



Brad Rosado was hesitant to give me an interview. His face at my proposal seemed to say, “What is she going to ask me?” I had two major questions: how’d you get the job and what’s it like to be Team Manager. Eventually and timidly he acceded. He told me a lot of what I wanted to know and more.


Eddie Castillo: Where are you from?

Brad Rosado:  From Washington Dc.


EC: Where do you live?

BR: Los Angeles California.


EC: When did you start skating?

BR: When I was 10 years old.


EC: How’d you get into it?

BR: My uncle used to skate in New York and he had an old school board. He gave it to me.


EC: What’s the difference between an old school board and the ones now?

BR: Old school ones are nine and a quarter, it’s a got a fishtail on it. He used to skate for Shut Skateboards back in the day. He had it in a glass case.


EC: He gave it to you?

BR: Yeah, it was sick.


EC: As Team Manager do you plan the stops on the tour?

BR: I do. I try to break it up so the drives are not as long.


EC: How do you pick the cities?

BR: Usually I’ve been there before and there are major cities where we try to go, or somewhere with a sick downtown scene.


EC: What other responsibilities do you have, taking care of that many dudes?

BR: SO many.  Gotta wake them up, make sure they eat, make sure they have skateboards. If they need a flight I get a flight for them. Hotels, get good hotels.


EC: Wow, that’s a lot of stuff.

BR: Yeah, it’s a lot. Pretty much anything you can imagine. I’m the trip planner, driver, instagramer, motivator, their alarm clock, filmer, friend, etc. The list goes on.


EC: So how did you get this job? How does one become a team manager for DGK?

BR: Well, it kinda just happened after I started filming with those guys for a few years. They would stay in Atlanta, GA with me to film and they had no team manager so I would always take care of them. Eventually that turned into my full time role with the title.


EC: What video where you filming with them?

BR: Parental Advisory.


EC: So you were filming and being team manager at the same time?

BR: Yeah I was doing both at the same time.


EC: Wow. But do you love it?

BR: I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


EC: That’s awesome.

BR: I don’t know how to do anything else, haha.


EC: Are you the kind of skater that listens to music while skating?

BR: Yeah, that’s what keeps us going.


EC: So do you also pick the music for the guys?

BR: That’s funny you say that because usually once a month I’ll send them a zip file of music, all the new stuff that came out. Even albums, they ain’t gotta buy the albums. They download it and they have an IPOD full of music.


EC: You do everything for them.

BR: Well, they asked me a lot for music so it got to the point that I said I might as well just try to hook them up.


EC: What are your plans for when you get back?

BR: Pretty much just go back and skate. We have a video for Gold Wheels in the works called ‘Gold Goons’. The whole DGK team will be in the video. We also got a couple solo DGK parts that should drop before the end of the year.


EC: How much say do you have in who gets to be a new rider?

BR: A descent amount. I will suggest people, but if they don’t get along with the team they probably don’t have a chance getting on. But if they are sick, and the team likes them and they’ve got a good image then they have a good chance of getting on the team. At the end of the day this team is a family and we got to keep it like that. 


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