So, you have been skating on the Huf team for almost 5 years now. How did that all start for you?

I was staying in sf for a few months. kinda couch surfing, skating with deluxe dudes or whoever was around. i was getting shoes from converse. barely. i knew Keith through deluxe and had been to the store a few times. he hit me up out of nowhere one day and was like “hey could you meet me at my office”. i was skating library which happened to be a few blocks away. skated over and he told me about how HUF was going to start making shoes. showed me a few samples, told be about how he envisioned it and all. I didn’t need to hear anything more. i was down for anything that Keith was behind. so i guess been with it from the start. its amazing to see it grow as much as it has. couldn’t be happier with my decision that day.

You have skated with legends such as the Gonz. How was that having him personally present your pro model board to you?

it was a day to remember. and the best part is i was actually surprised. i in no way thought that i was going to turn pro that day. i was in new york for my first trip with TWS to start filming for outliers. Bram (krooked tm) hit me up saying dudes are gonna be in town and that we should meet up at Tompkins tmrw. I was like fuck, so im on two trips at once right now. why didn’t they warn me ya know. so i go there that next morning. sit there with my coffee just super confused. and then mark rolls in on the circle board. i noticed that id never seen the graphic before. looked closer and was like WOW!!!!! that’s my board. it was such a fun/tiring day. we skated all over the city with that thing. picture skating around new york city all day holding 9 complete skateboards haha.

 Not too long ago you toured with the Huf team in that shadow van. How was that?

oh the US trip was so fun. international trips are great but i love a good trip around america. it’s just a little bit easier to do with as many people as we had. same money, same language, your phone works. we went to a lot of cities that i have never been to. vibes were good. and best of all, we ended the 24 day trip in Hawaii. i would do that exact trip all over again.

What spot was one of your favorites to skate?

there wasnt so much a particular spot but more just certain cities. skating love park was something ive always wanted to do. Pittsburgh had a good feel to it. we were constantly driving or skating so the trip was kind of one big blur. a super fun blur.

So, let’s talk shoes. Congrats on your new pro shoe, how stoked were you when you found out?

thanks so much!! I was very happy. having the opportunity to work on something like that is so awesome. I never would have thought as a kid that i would end up with my name on a board or a pair of shoes. I love how they turned out and hope other people will agree.

What inspired the look and design of the shoe?
I really just wanted a very simple straight to the point shoe. slightly pointy. slender. they have a good general shape. no extra bulk. they look good all fucked up.

What would you say is different about this shoe then other shoes?

I mean it’s almost impossible to make a shoe that’s different from other these days. i guess you could say its a hybrid between all the shoes that i liked to skate. it’s just simple, no bullshit technology, just a shoe that looks good when you’re staring down at your feet. which is half our lives.

When you aren’t skating, what’s your favorite shoe to kick around in?
right now?

I guess id say my shoe. ive been skating a sample pair that are white canvas. its gotta be over a month and they are pretty torn up. i put a new pair on today, and for some reason went back to the old ones. I think i just like the fit of a nice worn in shoe.

Well you’re already killing it in 2016. Anything else we should look out for this year?

thanks. I don’t have any crazy plans for this year as of yet. but i know that in one way or another id like to just skate as much as possible and really work towards a part. a part that means something more to me. and hopefully others. everything is so quick to be forgotten these days. everything is so instant. the attention spans are shorter than ever. there is a constant conveyor belt of footage being smashed into your face. id like to make something that lasts just a little bit longer in people’s brains. im excited for this year. i just want to have fun and see what happens. i started skateboarding because it was fun. i want to feel that feeling that i had as a kid. it was pure and i miss it. – KH