Where did the video concept for “Kings and Queens,” come from? 
I wanted the video to have a surreal vibe. Unfinished structures, no defined
backgrounds, paintings hanging from the thin air. The video is about a
dream so I wanted it to represent that. It is a great way to use visual

What was it like doing all of the animation and editing for the video? 
It was really challenging because I didn’t know anything about animation
and 3d modeling or even making a video. I could of hired a production
company to make the video but I am interested in the process and wanted
to learn how to do it. It is a natural evolution of production for me. As a
composer, I write very visual sounding music. It makes sense to me to
understand film making or video in this case at a deeper level. It is definitely
a commitment. I am so grateful for the internet and youtube. Both are
invaluable tools for learning.

Have you had experience with animated videos prior to “Kings and
No. Once I decided what I wanted the video to look like, I knew it would
have to be done on a budget. I figured it was a great learning opportunity,
so I bought the software, a camera and some lights and built a green
screen. Then I started doing a lot of homework and experimenting. I have
made every mistake I think you can make (lol.) You just have to allow for
that, and enjoy the process. Get over the frustration and wanting to give up.
Go back the next day and do it some more. I am by no means good at this
but thats alright because it is a craft that people spend their entire lives
developing. You know like composing music.

Is this song a part of an LP or EP? 
This will be part of an EP. One of probably 3 or 4 songs.

Can we expect any new material?
The next song and video should be out at the end of October.

When did you decide you’d add “Rockstar,” to your impressive
Ha ha. If that is ever the case it would be a reluctant Rockstar at that. I
have and always will believe in the power of music to move people, to bring
people together for the good of all. Music is an anecdote to social and
spiritual challenges. It is our humanity manifested in melody, harmony and
rhythm. This is why I write music or music writes me.

What was is it like working with Hans Zimmer? 
Well it was a dream come true for this guy from Idaho. It was about the last
thing I would of imagined but like anything worth doing, it was a lot of really
hard work. Fun as well. I didn’t know what day it was for about 5 years.
Hans is brilliant and a complete workaholic. Being on his team means total
commitment. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I spent almost 11 years at
Remote Control and for the most part, loved every minute of it. I love Hans.

What separates Bart from Bartly? 
Thats easy. Bart as a composer focuses entirely on my clients needs. I do
whatever possible to help them realize their vision. It is about them.
Bartly on the other hand is about what I want to say. There are no set rules,
borders, or limits. I pay for everything and I create everything. Bartly is
about change. There is no one particular style or sound, imagery or topic.
You never know what you are going to get. As far as I’m concerned art
should have no limits. This is not strictly for commerce, it is about thinking,
dreaming, imagination, creating and being on your own terms because you
want to be. Not because you are told what to like or who you have to be.

If you could collaborate with any musician alive or dead, who would
it be and why? 
David Bowie. Why? See above. I’ve gotta say from experience that it ain’t
always great meeting your heroes. Sometimes imagination is much better.

If your music had an online dating profile, what would it say? 
Passionate, honest, playful, occasionally dark, intense at times. – AH