Baby Scumbag


Baby Scumbag



Just a little time before the afternoon showers expected of summer weather started to come down, I rescued Baby Scumbag from a different kind of phenomenon—the large crowd of small fans expected to be swarming around such a popular young skater.


EC-Where are you from?




EC-Do you still live there?


BS-I do. And I stay in the valley on the weekends.


EC-How old are you?




EC-What’s it like being a teenager?


BS-It’s cool. I mean, it’s a lot harder. It’s a lot different.


EC-What’s hard about it?


BS-I mean it’s a lot scarier because you actually have to worry about not wrapping it.I don’t know if you get that. I’m 13, so I’m a teenager…At twelve I didn’t produce…


EC-OH! You’re scared about that!


BS-You get it now?


EC-Yeah, took me a second. Wasn’t expecting that answer. Well, I’m glad you’re being responsible. That’s important.

BS-I don’t want to have babies at the age of 13.


EC-You don’t want to have babies when you’re a baby, especially when you’re name is Baby.

BS-Baby Scumbag had a Baby.


EC-How about that name, how’d you get that?

BS-Well, I was coolin’ with my friend Keelan. We were up at 4AM just chilling and something happened and he decided to name me Baby Scumbag.



EC-Were you being a scumbag?


BS-I can’t really say what we were doing.


EC-Tell me about your Youtube videos.  You have a lot of fans there.


BS-Yeah, it gets a little overwhelming, thinking about what to do. You have to keep coming up with funny things to do.


EC-You have a lot of people coming up to you, what is that like?


BS-It’s nice. I mean, I like the attention. It feels good, like I’m doing something right.  But sometimes I do get annoyed but they are fans. You gotta be nice.


EC-Who gave you your first sponsorship?


BS-Primitive. Andy. He is the one that hooked me up when I was nobody. I’m not saying I’m somebody at all I’m just saying he was the first person who hooked me up ever.


EC-What grade are you in?




EC-What subjects do you like?


BS-Math. And history.


EC-Give me a history fact.


BS-Did you know that when Christopher Columbus came in he had the natives find for him gold or he would like kill their babies? We had a sub history teacher came in and he didn’t give a fuck. He just told us the truth.



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