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Skate Crews

  Everyone has friends they skate with all the time. These friends are your crew that you chill with ,skate with, and just about do everything together with. As you get older parts of your crew either stops skating ,moves away or for whatever reason just isn’t around anymore. As I get up in age […]

Gonz in Miami

If you are in Miami check out this cool event that the Gonz is going to be at. This is great thing chill with some Jazz by Jason Moran and the Gonz will be skating . Before there will be a talk so get your tickets not often you get something this cool to come […]


  Well i just turned 45 geez seems like it was yesterday i started skateboarding. It is funny how most people’s perception of me in the normal world just walking down the street is so off. When I let people know i skateboard they are like ” don’t you think your to old to skate […]

Searching for Chin

Picture says a thousand words or thoughts. What is it that skateboarders are always looking for ? Is it the challange,the excitement of finding a new spot. Could it be we are all just exploring because its in what we are. We love a challange and never give up finding new challanges. So keep searching […]