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To Build or Not to Build

  Bro bowl has been around since when I started skating years before time. I have been to it when it was so ghetto that you had to watch your back in fear of the local hood rats coming up 20 deep and jacking your shit it and robbing you. If you been around skating for […]

Where is the Evil

So I keep seeing this all over social media and I have to say if this is real what a bunch of kooks. Where and why would a church ever put this on their sign. Now isn’t the church suppose to spread love and not hate . Who said skateboarding is evil can we be […]

Bradenton Skatepark

  So I got a chance to skate the Bradenton park in northwest Florida and I must say it is pretty fun. I live in south Florida and we don’t get any parks like this. I still don’t get why they have not built a fun park like this where I live i have to […]

Support Local Skate shops

  I always say support your local skate shop. When I was growing up and started skating it was awesome to check out local shops they had everything. Local shops is where all of us would meet up and then head out and skate all day then go back and chill and watch videos.  I […]

Back From S.P.O.Ts 20th year contest

Well I have to say this was the best Tampa Pro so far. It was S.P.O.T. ‘s 20th anniversery which also was Girl skateboards 20 year as well.  Thursday was the Girl art show at The Bricks which had some limited art as well as some props from Yeah Right as well as some great […]

Tampa Pro 2013 come out and play!

   Well its that time again to go and experience Tampa Pro again. Tampa Pro is something I look forward to every year . I get to see pro skaters that I am hyped on, I get to skate bro bowl, see old friends and make new ones. S.P.O.T has brought people together for many […]