All Out Skate Put together a skate contest in Davie Fl. Paul and I have been friends for years and he has a great thing going . All Out Skate is an instructional school for skateboarding. I know I know how can you teach skateboarding? Teaching skateboarding is just part of what they do . They install what most kids need Park educate , values , friendships ,stability ,not to be afraid, never to give up and so much more. I see how some of the kids he has taught grown into great people . This being said when asked if I liked to get involved and help I never turn down an opportunity to spread the stoke of skateboarding to anyone. Lets begin with the brain storming which led to us coming up with the idea of custom trophy’s. We went back and forth and decided tombstones out of broken decks and a custom Frankenstein best trick trophy which I cut out and painted on an old deck as well. Yes it took a few days but the end result as you can see in pictures is amazing. If you think its easy its not but custom trophy’s mean more then just buying ones . Our heart and soul plus love of skateboarding went into these. Day of contest it was on and off storming as I arrived it just stopped raining but we still set up sun would pop its head out and bless us with natural drying of the park. L.S. Movement set up a booth as well if you don’t know go follow them on Instagram they are awesome because they give back to the community. Even though the weather was not the best there were a ton of kids that entered which was unbelievable considering the rain. Alot of the kids were more hyped on how we ran the contest and how they wanted to win one of the custom trophy’s. I have to admit even though the rain cost some delays it has probably been the smoothest run contest I have ever helped with . I liked to thank all the sponsors Bc surf and sport , Lake Skateboards,, OhCake , City of Davie  for letting us use the park to bring skateboarding to the masses, S-one helmets, and Paul and Lindsey at All Out Skate with out them this contest wouldn’t have been possible they put alot of hard work into it.  -Blair Hess-