This years Agenda held at Long Beach, California was a big hit especially for the smaller new and upcoming companies. Smaller companies are popping up every year, from skate apparel to skateboard companies to smaller sock companies. Converse had lots of pastel colored shoes which were there best selling colors, mentioned by there sales rep. Stance had there new special edition Tupac sock that stopped trac, lots of people shooting pictures of there hip edgy socks. Santa Cruz skate apparel had there unibrow skateboard which was popular along with there construction worker apparel which was bright orange, lots of details and pockets integrated with there line. Lots of new small sock companies popping up every year, socks are still trending popularity among the youth culture. More and more companies are using digital printing over screenprinting, The company Big Brother are advanced were digital printing becomes cheaper than screenprinting and much faster process were you don’t need to burn screens or deal with color seperations. – MS