Adrian Mcelhaney






Where you living now? How long you been living there?  


San Diego. It’s where I was born and raised, been here pretty much all my life.



Tell us a little about the 30 day “Creepin’ for Life” USA premiere tour. What’s it like to be with Dave Davis & Chris Kays on the road.

So much goes on within ONE day with the Natural Koncept crew, let alone THIRTY days! Everyday was an adventure whether we were in the van, skateboarding the streets, or out on the town. The tour was around winter time so we didn’t always have the best weather. I really liked it because SD always has the same sunny weather. This tour was full of snow, rain storms, and a few sunny days. We were fortunate enough to skate all the dope indoor parks that each of the cities we stopped at had to offer. I love Davis and Kays! Two completely different dudes, but they both are awesome. Kays is smooth and more on the quiet side. He’s always down to have a good time and rips every single spot he skates whether it’s transition or street.  Davis on the other hand, has A LOT of energy! He’s the type of guy that within a few minutes after meeting him, you already feel like you’re good friends. He is always saying or doing something funny and likes people around him to have a good time. Not to mention he has an undeniable skill on the skateboard.



Your pro model is poppin’ off in the shops. Congrats on that. That Katch graphic is so sick. “Irish Voodoo”

Thanks a lot! It’s exciting having a pro model board out in the world. I’ve been getting some great feedback about the graphic that Katch created. Katch wanted my input on the graphic. Since I’m half Irish, I told him that I wanted to incorporate my Irish roots. I came up with the idea of having clovers, but I didn’t have any idea of how to use them. Katch thought that it might be too cheesy using clovers. After sending me a few sketches, I knew that it could work and that Katch was on the right track. We were both hyped on the finished product.








Who were some of your biggest influences skateboarding



When I first began skateboarding, my biggest influences were my brother and my friends that skated. I had a solid crew that I skated with everyday. As I got older, I started paying more attention to the skateboard magazines and videos. I really enjoyed watching guys like Andrew Reynolds, Stefan Janoski, Chad Muska, and many others.



What’s a day in the life like in SD?


Lots and lots of good Mexican Food.








SD has been good to you. You gonna miss the beach? the babes?

SD has been good to me. I love it here. The lifestyle here is pretty good, but it’s time for a change.  As far as babes go, my girlfriend is a super babe so I won’t be missing them. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll miss too much of San Diego besides my friends and family. SD is always the same and isn’t going anywhere. I know I’ll be back someday, but for now I have to move on and see what else is out there.



Heard you were moving to NYC. Is that true? You hyped? What’s your gameplan on the move?


Yeah, this is true. I’m moving out there with my girl. I can’t wait!! I am so hyped! I’ve wanted to live there for years now. My girl and I made a plan and are sticking to it. I’ve been to NYC at least four or five times now. Everytime I’m in the city, I love it. I have some good friends out there too which is a plus. My gameplan is to skate hard and as much as possible. We are moving in the winter so I may not be on the board as much as I would like, but that only lasts for a few months. NYC is amazing for skateboarding!  Other than that, looking forward to sightseeing, visiting new cities like Boston and D.C., networking, and enjoying the city.




Adrian - Kick Flip3




NK is doing a Mexico City tour early 2013. You stoked?

That’s going to be such a good trip. I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be my first time leaving the country with the NK team. I have three really good friends that live in Mexico City. It will be awesome to reconnect with those guys. I went on a Mexico City skate trip with a few friends back in 2010. There are so many skate spots there. NK will be able to get a lot done for the new video.



Sponsors. Who’s hookin’ you up? 

I’m getting hooked up from Osiris Shoes, IMKING Clothing, Route 44 Skate shop, Pull-In Underwear, Natural Koncept Skateboards, and YOYO Bearings. These companies have been so good to me for years now and I’m very grateful for their support.








Shout outs?


I’d like to give shout outs to all of my family, friends, and girlfriend for their support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and I appreciate you all.  Special thanks to Transworld Skateboarding and True Skateboard Mag for their support as well.  – JZ



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