As you can tell from that elegant headline this post is going to be an introductory post. Just a little snippet about my life so you can know a little bit about the man behind the computer screen.

Conceived, born and raised in Florida and currently a College student at a local University  I am majoring in Environmental science.

My love of skating started when I was just  a wee lad in elementary school I was not the best at skating but I didn’t care I loved hanging out with my friends. I would always wake up early in the morning before school and watch FuelTV and I would imagine myself not as a the skater but as the man behind the camera capturing the true essence of skating.

My favorite skater has got to be Richie Jackson (video below) he just seems like a rad guy and I love the creativity that goes into his videos.

True Sk8board just seems like a very chill but very well run magazine and I can not wait to add to the awesome content posted onto here.