Paradox Grip Commercial



Hear what Spencer Pratti and Truman Hooke had to say about Paradox Grip. Grab it at your locaal skate shop



Thunder Knows Future



Thunder trucks knows the future and control “Derrick Wilson”



David Perry Remix Part



John Valenti got his hard drive working again and found some footage of David Perry from 2007-2010



Bones Bearings Public Service Announcement



Bones Bearings has somethig very important to tell you about the FAKE



SHRN Welcomes…….



SHRN welcomes Fabian Lang to the team



Searching for Chin


Picture says a thousand words or thoughts. What is it that skateboarders are always looking for ? Is it the challange,the excitement of finding a new spot. Could it be we are all just exploring because its in what we are. We love a challange and never give up finding new challanges. So keep searching for Chin and keep the adventure going.



Pillage in The Village


2016 Girls Combi Classic Highlights



Last Saturday, it was the 2016 Girls Combi Classic and 15-year-old  Aussie Poppy Star won her first official Pro contest


Girls Combi Classic Top 10 Results
1. Poppy Starr
2. Nora Vasconcellos
3. Lizzie Armanto
4. Brighton Zeuner
5. Kisa Nakamura
6 Julz Lynn
7. Alana Smith
8. Nicole Hause
9. Amelia Brodka
10. Lea Taylor



enjoi Commerciial


enjoi released its newest commercial for their new board series “Horney Series”. You can grab them att your local skate shop



Axel Cruysberghs’



Watch Axel Cruysberghs’ part from “Where We Come From”