Andalé Bearings Team Edit Volume 1


Andale Bearings released its first team edit volume 1 featuring ‘Joey Brezinski, Paul Rodriguez, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Lucas Puig, Manny Santiago, Ryan Sheckler, JB Gillet, Kevin Romar and much more…..”



SOLO Untergrund – Kenny Hopf



Watch Kenny Hopf video part from Solo Untergrund and check out his interview too



Tremors – Santa Clarita Skate Mission



On November 24, 2015, Mike Brown took “Shuriken Shannon, Spenser Simas, Jesse Gangewere, Kenny Mohr and Michelle Beastierex” on a little skate trip to shred the Santa Clarita landslide that turned the highway into a skatepark



Holiday 15′ Product Review ( Black Friday )


It’s that time of year again, People traveling home, ton of eating, exchanging gifts with family, and spending alot of money that you will regret after the holidays are over with. This is part one of two of the Holiday 15′ Product Review, we are letting you know what is hot for Black Friday.


Skate Balm:


FullSizeRender (100)


Skate Balm is a waxstick that’s easy to put in your pocket instead of carrying a big thing of wax with you to a skate spot. What’s great about Skate Balm is that your ledges, rails, or whatever you wax will smell good for a while.  This is a good stocking stuffer just make sure they aren’t hanging over a fireplace.



RatKing Skateboards:





Our good homie Gabe Clement, started a brand called “RatKings” just for fun & giggles. After few years, SuprisesSkate hit Gabe up about doing a bropro boards with him. They are a 8.5″ 32.25″ 14 WB and we got our hands on one, they are worth it. Give RatKings a follow:



Victory Tailgate:





We get random companies hit us about doing a product review on their awesome skateboard products. This company, hit us up bout doing a review on their “Skateboard Themed Cornhole”. Its good to have one these while your waiting on the holiday food getting done or you can make it into a drinking game.



 id Skateboarding:


tool id true bearings id true


id Skateboarding is international brand that is making a name in the Industry. They have a heavy international team: “Marco Tucci, Luca Crestani, Guido Zanotto, and much more…   id Skateboarding invented the only wearable skateboard tool in the world . It is extremely convenient because they patented it as a necklace or keychain and they also, dropped some ABEC 11 that will make you skate faster.



Donk Watches:




We joined up with one of the best wooden watches in the indusry. To give you guys a special offer, 25% off on your first order by typing in this code “trueskate25”  when your about to check-out.!shop/c1i41


Loud Headphones:





If your looking for some good airbuds or Bluetooth Headphones for your travels or tune out your family during the holidays. Loud Headphones are the best ones out there. I got a chance to try out the Bluetooth Headphones on my trip to Tampa Am, I felt like a balla.  Every Loud Headphone bought, they will donate a $1 to cochlear implant foundation Let Them Hear (LTH).



Remind Insoles:


Destin-Booj-Both_1024x1024 Medic-Clouds-Both_1024x1024


Remind Insoles is a self-forming performance orthics for your skate shoes. There is alot of benefits for using Remind Insoles “helps reduce pain, Bio-mechanically engineered the proper joint alignment, and much more. I will have to say they are better than Dr. Soles, give them a try and see for yourself.



Skate Kreations:




Skate Kreations makes jewelry / accessories out of recycle skateboards and they are designed by a skateboarder. These are  good gifts for the holidays or you  can use them for wedding rings.  Check out the look-book with Amber Rayn you’ll mouth will drop.



Level Up Distribution:




Ronnie Creager started up a distribution called “Level Up”, under this umbrella there is: Highschool Dropout, Ecetera Project, & The Works.  Highschool Dropout is own by Ronnie Creager and they have some fun graphics on the boards, Ecetera Project does insoles that are 100% designed for skateboarding, has ankle brace and much more products, and The Works is a new wax company with some designs.



Vibrant Eye Clothing:




We joined up with Vibrant Eye Clothing this holiday to give you guys a special discount 10% off your order when you enter in this code “truesk8mag”



Skate Sauce:


Sauce_Wax open_waxpocket Reg-&-Goofy


Skate Sauce is a skater owned business that makes some of the best wax in the industry. This holiday the Sauce dropped a skate bag that can hold your complete and a little stash pocket for your wax during the cold wet winters. Yes, its waterproof!!!  Make sure you grab a sheet of Skate Sauce custom grip for your stocking too.





huf_hol15_mason_hooded_flannel_shirt_charcoal_1024x1024 huf_fall15_roach_dog_toy_1024x1024 huf_hol15_galaxy_toffee_profile_1024x1024

unnamed (1)


HUF dropped  a very clean line this Holiday 15′ , something you want make sure you put on your wish list.  You must get the Dylan Rieder slip-ons,  a very clean Galaxy / Toffee shoe, they even have something foryour  pup this holiday and much more that will blow your mind. 







olloclip just released their brand new, special edition, Rose Gold 4-in-1 lens couple of weeks ago (to match the latest colorway of the new iPhone 6s). This is a must have if you love taking photos or filming with your iPhone. – TZ



Mike Anderson


Mike Anderson interview edit2



Where are you from and where are you currently staying?

Live in the same town I grew up in… Ventura, CA


When and who introduced you to skating?

My big brother used the skate a bunch with his friends. I wanted to be like them. Only thing is i never stopped skating like they did. I started skating at five


Growing up who were some of the skaters you looked up to?

Chris Senn. Jamie Thomas. Ed Templeton


Who are some of the skaters you look up to today?

Dennis Busenitz. Aaron Harrington. Jake Johnson. Zered Bassett. Larry who lives in my garage. My little brother Jake


What is one thing about skating that you are grateful for?

Family. My family who are animals. Skateboarding. My back yard



Mike Anderson_frontside air



What has been the hardest part for you being in the skate scene? 

Being away from family


Tell me about Loud Headphones what inspired you to start up this company and why headphones?

Always wanted to start a company. Never wanted to get in the way of any other friends company’s and Im very happy with all my sponsors so never wanted to have to quit anything. Loud Headphones is a product of me and David Broach shooting the shit and Frank Gerwers wonderful mind for a name and getting really excited about it, pulling the trigger and starting a company that would benefit the hearing impaired.


You are partnered up with “Let Them Hear Foundation” did you approach them or they to you?

The Let Them Hear foundation is a foundation who travels to mostly third world countries and performs cochlear implant surgeries which makes people who have never heard or who went deaf, hear for the first time, or again. It’s roughly a $40,000 surgery that most people can’t afford without insurance. It made sense to start Loud teaming up with Let Them Hear before we even made our first sale.


Do you ever get meet any of the people who get benefited from this foundation and how self-rewarding is it?

We did our first trip out to Costa Rica earlier this year and went along for the whole process, even posting up in the operation room then we were there when they activated the cochlear implants.



Mike Anerson_wallie



What have you got going on with skating and what can we expect to see from you?

Lots of converse trips and full length krooked video. Sooner than later I hope


Any words of advice for our readers?

Never be afraid to say “fuck it” and try something new. It can be anything. Most things that have paved the way in my life have resulted from a “fuck it” decision – JD



True Recap – Tampa Am 2015



We took off to Florida for some amazing skateboarding, great parties & for the Florda babes. Watch the recap of the 23rd Tampa Am 2015



10qs – Cooper Burrows



Cooper Burrows interview edit




What made you decide to start skating?

My dad was a skater and he would ride me on the front of his longboard when i was really little. My Uncle Jeff bought me a proper board when i was about 4 and that was it… My dad started taking me to the local parks and I’ve been skating pretty much everyday since!


Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

Yes it was a World Industries Wet Willy and Fire Boy board.


Who has been the most influential skater for you?

John Cardiel because he’s just a maniac! He’s got this fire in his eyes and always tries the craziest tricks!


What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

I was at Volcom skatepark in Costa Mesa and a little kid ran into me in the street area. The trucks somehow hit my shin bone and split it open. I got 8 stitches





Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

Skating the Combi for the first time and skating Lincoln City.


How fast do you go through shoes?

I usually go through a pair in about 3 weeks to a month. Luckily, I’ve been on DVS flow for a while now and they send me shoes when I need them.


What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

Maybe a week


What is your favorite spot to skate?

Channel Street – I just love the vibe there and love the style of skating – much more Gnar! And there are so many good skaters like Ronnie Sandoval, Robbie Russo, Rick Fabrio, Riley Stevens, Red and Chris Russell.


What do you think about the skating scene today?

It’s really cool, but really different here than Florida. More intense, so many insane skaters everywhere and lots of competitions. But I don’t really like the competitions, I just want to skate.


Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

You do hear that. I got in trouble in 5th grade for cussing and my teacher told my mom it was probably from hanging out at the skateparks. Ha! And there are some crazy dudes at the parks but it’s not like you see in the movies or on TV – that’s so stupid. – JD



Shop Up – Slappy’s Gargage



Jason Carney eats, sleeps, and breathes skateboarding. This passion helped be one of the top street pro’s of the 1990’s riding for amazing brands like Maple and Planet Earth Skateboards. And today that passion continues with him as he steers the ship at Slappy’s Garage 465 17th St. in downtown San Diego. He’s got the shop stocked to the hilt with brands that he believes are true skate brands, company’s that support skateboarding. He’s got a nice mix on the shop team too. Guys that have his passion: from up-and-comers like Alexis Ramirez; to established pro’s like Jaime Palmore and JT Aultz; to straight up legends like Neil Blender, Peter Hewitt, and Matt Hensley. Dope shops like this deserve your support. No fake mall attitude here-just a shop that lives for skateboarding. Come thru and follow em on the Insta @slappysgarage – Berto

10qs – Randy Jackson



What made you decide to start skating?

Being a little kid watching Bart Simpson skate and the show Rocket Power and old Tony Hawk pro skater games just growing up.


Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

It was a really cheesy Nash skateboard with a fishtail from K-Mart, I did have a real skateboard for at least a year or 2 when I first started skating.


Who has been the most Influential skater for you?

Theres just to many good guys out there to just name one but ill say Neen Williams, Andrew Reynolds, Awtuan Dixon, Bryan Herman, and Stevie Williams but i draw infuences from all over.


 What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

I’ve been really lucky and haven’t broken anything but maybe a jammed up knee with huge swelling or like hyper-extending your ankle is never a good on and of course getting nutted.


Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

I haven’t had a bad one yet but I would say skating Overground Skatepark in Dallas,TX and vibing with those guys or Dew Tour Chicago this year getting to skate the course in the Zumiez Park Crashers Session and meeting madd pros with good homies and it was Go Skate-Day also to top it o, it was also fathers day and I’m a young dad so it was for sure one of the best days of my life.

How fast do you go through shoes?

It depends but usually around every 3 months if I’m lucky but really like a month in a half without shoe goo.





What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

Man I just was skating a new Anti-hero for like a month and dropped it in this fountain in Chicago like a week ago completely soggy luckily, I had a crispy on deck so it was all good going in filming for this video dropping in November, “Sooner or Later”.


What is your favorite spot to skate?

My Local skatepark – La Porte Skatepark, and Grant Plaza in Chicago


What do you think about the skating scene today?

I Think its in a really good place, its more powerful than its ever been. People are pushing skating to new levels but creativity is still
around. Its truly a Global lifestyle and with the Internet we can connect with skaters on the other side of the globe, it allows for
people to get noticed from places that have little to no support and I think thats completely amazing. Skateboarding is life for me.

Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

I never really encounter that much anymore, maybe people are becoming more open to it more likely than not. People just think its
cool that we do this and creatively express ourselves on these broomsticks if you keep it positive then you receive positivity back.
I would like to thank my sponsor Goons & Galaxies for putting clothes on my back and wood under my feet and allowing me to put
my art out there. I would like to thank my Filmer Josh Bilderback for holding me down with the crispy photos and footy game, my lil
homie Johnathan Rosales the New Blood in the crew for skating with me and holding it down, that bitch ass nigga. Cheyenne Shilts,
My lovely girlfriend Samantha Curl and my amazing daughter Saige Marie Jackson, my Mom and Family, all the homies and supporters
and anyone that reads this Thank You for your time! If no one has told you today your’re AWESOME! – JD



Next Up Foundation Giveaway



This is an awesome opportunity to give back to skateboarding, hang out, and skate with Paul Rodriguez @prod84. Link in our bio for details. #NextUpFoundation #iSupportNextUp #PaulRodriguez #Nike #NikeSB #Primitive #PrimitiveSkate  Just click on the link