Spy x Richer Poorer Launch Party 


Richer Poorer Summer 2015 Athletics



Richer Poorer dropped its new Summer 15′ Look-Book with RP Athletics Club members Christian Maalouf, Daniel Shimizu, Taylor Caruso and Chris Pastras as they shred through Echo Park



Carmel Valley skate park 2015



Dj Martin Mike Morris Marcelle Johnson an I hit up the Carmel Valley skate park and got some clips and having a good time



Demo on A 13 stair Rail


Vans Shop Riot – Germany

Element Make It Count Wild Card



If you can not make it to any of the Make It Count events. Element is giving you a chance to win a trip to compete in the Make It Count Finals and a shot at Element sponsor.

1. Post a 15sec video of you shredding at your local park

2. Hashtag #elementmakeitcount & #liveyours

3. Include your city, state, and country

Winner will be announced the first week of June – Good Luck!!!


Make It Count in Bremen. DE


Element Make It Count Europe


Watch the recap video of the Element Make It Count as they tour through Europe to find that one skater that will win a trip to California to compete for Element sponsorship at Nyjah’s park




13 and Under:
1st – Chesti Andrea
2nd – Galetti Vitto
3rd – Angoli Lorenzo

14 to 16:
1st – Borgatti Alex
2nd – Leo Ba
3rd – Paolo Bettoni

17+ and Sponsored:
1st – Nico Bromo
2nd – Iuri Furdui
3rd – Orfeo Ranieri
4th – Oliver Kofler




13 and Under:
1st – Luca Vers
2nd – Iker Puertas

14 to 16:
1st – Neyl Calle
2nd – Nacho Climent
3rd – Miquel Vidal

17+ and Sponsored:
1st – Pol Catena
2nd – Adrián García
3rd – David Castels





Volcom Wild In The Parks Stop #1



Watch the recap video of the first stop of Volcom Wild In The Parks at  the Volcom HQ.


Here is the results:

14 & Under Division:

1st: Braden Hoban
2nd: Blue Wilson
3rd: Patrick O’ Mara
4th: Kaden Sylla
5th: Andrew Scott
6th: CJ Collins
7th: Gavin Ventura

15 – 21 Division:

1st: Griffin Gass
2nd: Jimmy Cascio
3rd: Shane Short
4th: Mateo Rael
5th: Tanner Lawler
6th: Drayden Gardner
7th: Branden Reynolds

Open/AM Division:

1st: Alex Midler – $250
2nd: Ben Sauer -$150
3rd: Jace Torkelson – $100
4th: Zachery Doelling
5th: Rene Serrano
6th: Ben Campbell
7th: Gage Boyle