Welcome to Vox Footwear: Brenden Keaveny

Lurkville and Theeve trucks am Brendan Keaveny is on a non-stop murder mission, and for that Vox footwear has added him to the team! Watch this rad part and keep your eyes out for this kid!

Huf Footwear Welcomes: Sammy Winter

Sammy Winter is a man with many talents which is why Huf has offically added him to the squad! Congrats dude! Enjoy this quick clip of Sammy Winter for Huf Footwear.

Best of 2014!

Shaun Bolin, FS heelfip over rail , Photo-Nate McDonald_edited-1

Soul Harmonics Video Premiere


Jonatan Lass & Shalev Mendelman part

The new part of Shalev Mandelman & Jonatan Lass! – two little monsters from Israel! you just HAVE to see it!!

Edit: BFX Studio (http://goo.gl/r3QltL)


unnamedWell it is almost 2015 and what a year it has been . Many team upsets and changes. Videos are out just been a crazy year. In 2015 I wanted to start doing something called “Whats in Your Trunk”?. I always get asked why I have so many different set ups in my trunk . It is amazing what you can find in skaters car trunks. So I will be doing quick little videos looking into local skaters trunks and seeing what they skate on with some clips of them riding . So stay tuned Jan. 2015 will be the first installment. —-BLAIR HESS–

Varsity Shades Rider – Dylan Harreld drops a full part.

Happy Holidays!!!


True Skateboard Mag want to wish you, your friends, and family a safe & fun Xmas

Expedition-One: Gone Fishin’






Espedition One gave us a early Xmas present “Gone Fishin” featuring “Tom Remillard, Ryan Gallant, Richard Angelides, Kenny Hoyle, Joey Pepper, Spencer Hamilton, Matt Miller, Zered Basset, Frankie Heck and Dylan Witkin”


The Sheckler Foundation’s & Ashley Wade Foundation



On Dec. 2nd 2014, the Sheckler Foundation visited Ashley Wade’s Foundation and some of the kids that they have supported