MAJER Thanksgiving 2014




MAJER made their first ever thanksgiving video have a happy thanksgiving!



Re-Opening Day at Banzai Skatepark



Noah Doak who was organizing a peaceful protest because the park was shut down last year all of a sudden without warning. Three days before the protest there is a grand opening with city officials doing a press conference and ribbon cutting



HUF x Thrasher // Stoops Asia Tour



Watch the HUF X THRASHER STOOPS ASIA TOUR featuring “Kevin Terpening, Peter Ramondetta, Dan Plunkett, Josh Matthews, Keith Hufnagel, Brad Cromer, Joey Pepper, Sammy Winter, Craig Anderson & Harosh”



Crailtap’s We Shred It, You Said It, We Read It with Atiba



Crailtap has a new series “We Shredit, You Said it, We Read it” with Atiba. See what he had to say about comments from the following YouTube videos: “Chomp on This, Atiba vs PRod game of SKATE,  & Atiba crail couch”



‘Where’s Cliche?’ UK Tour



Watch the full-edit of the Cliche skateboards UK tour ‘Where’s Cliche?”



Matix Commercial



Zack Wallin puts the Matix Denim Lifetime Guarantee to a test in this commercial. You can grab them at your local skate shop



Evergreen in Belding



Watch this 2min video of Evergreen in Belding



Filmbot Commercial



Hit up your local skate shop to grab the new Filmbot VX1000 Bolt Opener



Filament Park Crashers



Filament krew “Ben Nordberg, Garrett Hill, Rafael Perez, Alec Jamir, Jacob Walder, Jake Ruiz, & Luis De Los Reyes aka Moose” crashed Active Park



Girl Commercial



Its coming really soon featuring: Tony Ferguson