Happy Days are Beer Again



Matix brings us “Happy Days are Beer Again” with Mike Anderson and homies shredding on a mini ramp, downing a cool 30 pack and some carne asada for the grill



Open Ep. 7



Ride Channel dropped a new episode of “Open” and its with Solstice Skateboarding



Stop #13 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014




Volcom  “WILD IN THE PARKS ”  contest was back at the Cosanostra Skatepark, close to Paris



Lost & Found Skateboarding Clip #70



This clip of Felipe Ortiz was lost over the years but it was found under a bunch of other clips



Vans Concrete Weekend Annecy 2014 Recap




Vans has a recap of “Vans Concrete Weekend”, which took place at the Les Marquisats Skate Park in Annecy, France.  Grads to Daan Van Der Linden for winning the bowl competition and to Maxime Genin for the shredding the street contest



Creature Skateboards – @Home



Creature heads over to Milton Martinez home and takes them out for a day’s skating at his local spots in Mar del Plata, Argentina



Pala Death Race 2014




Gullwing dropped a recap of the Pala Death Race 2014. Grads to Shaun Ross for taking the title for the second year in a row and to Byron Essert for claiming 2nd



Idan Peretz

My Homie- Idan Peretz- Flippin’ the gap!
peretz flip true






View the new product from Cliche featuring the new “Last Supper” deck art by Marc McKee and “Gypsy Life” pro boards with art from Chet Childress, Just CLICK HERE



All This Mayhem – The Rivalry: Tony Hawk v. Tas Pappas



“All This Mayhem is an unflinching, never-before-seen tale that uncovers a world of drugs and unfettered hedonism during the glory days of professional vert skateboarding. Legendary skaters and charismatic brothers Tas and Ben Pappas share an intense bond that not only propels them to the pinnacle of their sport, but also proves their undoing in this tragic story of Shakespearian proportions.”  It sounds awesome, so you can buy it right here