Welcome To Israel!

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hello !
this is me jimmy a local israel skater!
and this is my corner “middle east side”
iam here to show you whats new and good in the israeli skateboarding life!
we grow big and we love it so check it out for more update becuse we are on the map!
make tricks not war and enjoi
peace !

Next Up Foundation gets 2nd invitation to Agenda Show 2014


The Agenda Trade Show, held in Long Beach on Jan 7th and 8th, harvested the leaders in skate, surf, streetwear, and footwear brands. With over 700+ brands in attendance, this year became the largest show to date in Long Beach. As the leading forum in Youth Culture, The Agenda Show supports the Next Up Foundation by donating booth space for a second time. The show was very productive for us. We met many leaders in the skateboard community that gained awareness of our mission and vision. Thank you Agenda for this tremendous experience!

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At the Next Up Foundation booth we were visited by many professional skateboarders and industry leaders such as:
Neal Hendrix
Rick Howard
Felipe Gustavo
Kenny Anderson
Mike Vallely
Tim Gavin
Jamie Thomas
Walker Ryan
Ryan Gallant
Richard Mulder
Professor Paul Schimitt

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We at Next Up Foundation are very proud to be the nonprofit to represent the skateboard community at the AGENDA SHOW!

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Emerica MADE Chapter One B-Side



Emerica released the b-side of Brandon Westgate video from “Emerica Made Chapter One”. Grab the full-length from iTunes



Invisible Skateboarding Ramps



Madrid, 20 January 2014. – Nowadays skaters feel more and more like their favourite sport belongs less and less to the city; that skating is being banned from all of the best spots. So Nomad Skateboards asked LOLA to carry out a campaign to inspire their customers and invite them to take back what is rightfully theirs: the streets.


That’s how LOLA created NOMAD INVISIBLE RAMPS, an outdoor campaign made up of a series of ramps blended around the city, allowing skaters to enjoy public spaces that they are usually kicked out of, and at the same time sending the world a powerful message: the city is and always will be ours.


“Working with Nomad gave us the opportunity to apply our own experience working with global clients and apply it to a brand from Zaragoza that is getting the attention of skaters from all over the world,” said Martín Feijoó and Fred Bosch, the Creatives behind the campaign.


LOLA is the strategic and creative hub of Lowe & Partners in Spain, which also exports creativity and global ideas for large brands such as Magnum, Rexona, Cornetto and Fruttare.

Lakai Welcomes…………………



Lakai proudly introduces Jon Sciano and the Fura



Doug Des Autels Park Part

Doug Des Autels comin in hot and destorying parks all over!

Adidas International Skateboarding: Berlin, Germany

Adidas Skateboarding presents it’s International German team.

Featuring: Tjark Thielker, Phil Anderson, Valeri Rosomako, Kai Hillebrand, Patrick Zentgraf, Markus Blessing, Sandro Trovato, Michi von Fintel and Lem Villemin.

Andreau Soptich “Hidden Archives”

Andreau Soptich has been shredding for a while and had a nasty ankle injury that has kept him off of his board for some time. Now he is back at it and we are stoked for him! Glad to see you back killin it dude!!!

2014 Bright European Skateboard Awards Replay



If you missed lastnight Bright European Skateboard Awards, don’t feel left out cause here is the replay of lastnight event. 



Clint Clip



Ambig has this clip of Clint Walker getting this  line at Guapo in Dallas