NIKE SB BRASIL: NAS 4UADRAS (English Subtitles)

Crooked pavement, cracked ledges, broken sidewalks
and portuguese stones.
We have always managed to skate.
In football country, the solution sometimes
is to break into a court.
In DIY style, bleachers turn ledges,
posts turn rails and there you go, fun’s up.
That’s how, ollieing over those difficulties,
that our skate gained the world.
Luan Oliveira, Rodrigo Petersen, Yuri Facchini, Cezar Gordo.

Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni


The Falus 12 Film’ is a bromantic action packed skateboard film from The Netherlands. 98% raw bullshit street failure/average skateboarding.


The Falus 12 Film features:
Dirk Gevers
Alois Kleijnen
Koen Veltman
Alex ‘poepaap’ Lexis
Jasper van der Boezem
Kerwin Groot
Rutger de Boer
Jeroen ‘J-Ypes’ Stam
Giorgio Aside
Vincent Smeets
Olaf de Koning
Jesse Voerman
Max Hardcore Hartveld
Alwin ‘Bundle’ Wemmenhove

Sidewalk Skateshop – Portugal tour 2013

Late summer 2013 Sidewalk Skateshop went on a trip to Estoril in suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal.


The Russian company Footwork Skateboards was on tour during the summer. The team have visited the Far East and Siberia.

Riders: Danya Shmatkov, Fedotenkov Andrew, Alexey Shabala

Sheckler Sessions – Storm Troopers – Ep.8

The most street skating Sheckler Sessions has ever seen! Ryan Sheckler, Zered Bassett, Justin Brock and Bobby Worrest back each other up skateboarding in South Carolina. They go out with a bang, the biggest bang you could buy from the world’s largest firework store. Their travels then take them down to Atlanta where Bobby hammers out a couple of ledge lines. The guys then go off on a crusty bump to handrail before the rain comes and shuts down the session.

Vans Royal Stripe



Blind has footage of Filpe Ortiz shredding at the Vans Royal Stripe in Brazil 



Muckefuck Urethane Tour




Redbull released part 3 of the Muckefuck Urethane Tour. Read about it here






On November 23rd 2013, Susan Williams’ Save A Heart Thanksgiving x DGK together theydonated 200 skateboards and 200 turkeys to underprivileged children



Asphalt Yacht Club Commercial



Asphalt Yacht Club has released this commercial with Stefan Janoski. Grab their Holiday line at your skateshop