Talkin’ Mob with Sierra Fellers

Sierra Fellers straight up handles the LBC park in one sesh. That boy can grip a board fast too. Skateboard skills for rills. Mob Grip, the #1 griptape choice of the pros.

Etnies Presents: Danny Gluskie – Fresh Off The Boat

F.O.B from Sydney Australia to Wisconsin USA. Danny gets down with a new edit

Filmed by: Jack Richardson

Additional footage: Jared Hochhammer

Lucas Puig for Helas

Lucas Puig from france take this small edit for Helas Caps

Doganadze Valera for Anteater clothing

Doganadze Valera from Russia skate now for Anteater clothing. Check here his welcomes video

Volcom Stone’s WITP 2013 | SWITZERLAND |


1.Robin Bolian
2.Hugo Corbin
3.Milan Thomas
4.Jordan Dana
5.Louis Baccilleri

1.Oliver Weismantel
2.Martin Rechsteiner
3.Elias Buess
4.Raymundo Stadelmann
5.Sämy Nigg

1.Simon Stricker
2.Jimmy Van Genobith
3.Cyrill Weizenegger
4.Jan Hofer
5.Dario Antonach

RVK at Fremont Park

The RVK boys are at it again! After releasing one of the best independent videos this year they are shredding the parks and having fun!

Featuring: Nathaniel Kennedy, Tanner Orland, Andrew Guns, Xavier “Nugget” Walker, Chris Carlton, Zack Goering, & Austin Gardner

Alain Goikoetxea, Javier Sarmiento & Alain Saavedra at the Volcom Europe Warehouse

The Volcom Europe skate facility. The definition of simplicity. AKA The Home For Homeless Skate Obstacles. Well, Volcom like there home sweet home and so does Javier Sarmiento, Alain Goikoextea, and Alain Saavedra. The boys came up during one of our sales meetings this summer and got creative, putting together some lines and tricks that no one had yet thought possible. Enjoy!

Organized Madness!



photoThis could be the biggest and possibly if rumors are true the last event put on at this D.I.Y. spot. I been hearing that this spot will be demolished soon maybe even next week which is sad. I think this brought Miami skaters together and helped build something that can not be replaced . What is it FRIENDSHIP that’s what it is . Spot’s like these help build the skateboard community . Pro Danny Fuenzalida,Joel Meinholz and the Mia skateshop crew are putting on this event and when they put on an event you better believe its gonna be good. So wherever you are in Florida take a weekend trip and come down to Miami and hit this event up.

You’re Welcome Promo

An independent skateboarding film documenting the epic journey of friends from Las Vegas, Neveda! The premiere is Friday September 27th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. @ Let It Roll Skate Shop 3385 S. Durango Drive Las Vegas, Neveda 89117

Featuring: Xander Kennedy, Evan Sedoti, Matt Anderson, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Ryan Clah, Jose Castillo, George Turner, Gio Vazquez, Jared Artl, Dillon Russell, Gerard Lacey, and Many More…