Jordan Maxham


Skate Sauce has a new commercial featuring  Jordan Maxham.

Insta Real App



Real has somne clips of their riders for #MELLOWTHEFUKOUT. Make sure you download InstaREAL free app and win some shit






Hard Nook Life has a quik shred with some homies at the Quik/DC TF



Ben Harper For Lewis Marnell



Ben Harper is helping to raise money for the family of Lewis Marnell, Ben Harper has reunited with the Innocent Criminals for the first time since 2007 to re-record the song “Jah Work” from his 1997 album, “The Will to Live.” Its  available on iTunes and all proceed will be going to the Lewis Marnell family memorial fund



Anthony Quezada Gallery



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The Park Ranger Series



A  new The Park Ranger Series at Oakland skate park (Old park) in Topeka, Kansas featuring “Tanner Greene, Jason Bontrager and Gershon Mosley”



60 Minutes in a Skateboarder’s Life


A unique video showing 60 minutes in a skateboarder’s life.

Reign at Newton Park


Chris Cole, Tom Asta and Reign at Newton Park.

Jono Schwan 1080


Jono Schwan lands a 1080 at Woodward.

Cam Caddie Review

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The Cam Caddie Scorpion is a must have for all skateboarders that are interested in filming. They sent out their Cam Caddie Starter Kit, which includes; the Scorpion EX handle (includes mount for the Scorpion EX cheese plate/tripod mount), one accessory shoe, one accessory wing, one 1/4-20 flashner and one mounting knob. The scorpion is designed to give stabilization and the same feel as the Sony VX camera to other cameras. The great thing about the Cam Caddie Scorpion is that you are not limited to using just one type of camera. GoPro, DSLR’s, camcorders, and even iPhones can be used with this filming tool.

While there are a lot of cheap knock off brands that resemble the Cam Caddie, they do not have the same quality or versatility that the Cam Caddie Scorpion offers. The  Cam Caddie scorpion has so many different ways it can be used. Check out some of these photos for various Cam Caddie set ups:




We tested the scorpion using a DSLR and GoPro. The handle allows you to comfortably film, easily get any angle you need, and it provides amazing stability to the footage. To see a few of the clips that we filmed using the Cam Caddie Scorpion, click hereCam Caddie provides everything from the basics needed to film skateboarding, to professional level gear. I strongly recommend checking them out.

For more on this product, visit or check them out on Facebook.