Nick Fuller-Porter- Sponsor Me


Smith hardflip out for the first trick, this video is sick!


Name: Nick Fuller-Porter

Age: 23

Years Skating: 9

Current Sponsors: Seasonal Skateboards, Chunked Wax, Traphouse Clothing, Kozy Life Flan


Chris Patton



Tiltmode Army has a internet web part of Chris Patton






John Wilson dropped a video with homies shredding the streets



Cab’s Bachelor Party



Carson Lee has a edit of Cab’s Bachelor Party



The National Skateboard Co. Promo



The National Skateboard Co has a promo featuring “Thomas Harrison, Danijel Stankovic, David Mackey, Joshua Young, Vaughan Jones and Neil Smith”



Georgie Tsushima



Assault Skateboards would like to welcome “Georgie Tsushima” to the team



808 Lately



808 Skate dropped episode 02 of Bed Pan and homies shredding in the 808



Crailtap Video Parts



Crailtap dropped a ” Mini Top 5 and Slice of Life” with Alex Olson






Jake Johnson, Alex Olson, and Reese Forbes roam the streets of New York